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This is my page where I tell you all the websites, all the videos, all the people, all the little tips and tricks and in general everything I can think of that is needed when dealing with Ubuntu.

Start-up Screen

If you have Ubuntu 10.04, and you have a problem with the start-up screen looking really ugly, then this link will help you:

Recommended Programs

There’s a couple of programs on Ubuntu/Linux that are working VERY well that I would like to recommend for people, whether you’re new to Ubuntu or been there for ages but just looking for something new that you just haven’t tried yet.

Of course, some of these programs are more known than others, and may very well come along on your computer, without you ever having tried them.

  • RhythmBox – I’m addicted to RhythmBox. It’s my favorite music player of choice on Ubuntu (yet), and it’s the most all-covering music player I’ve seen on Linux yet. It’s got a CD-ripper, a library where you can play the music, Ubuntu One for purchasing of music, RSS feeds for auto-downloads, lots of plug-ins available for what you need, handles iPods great (drag-and-drop), has integrated (which is something essential for me), radio, playlists and it auto-“scrobbles” your iPod plays directly to your user
  • Emesene – For everyone that feels Window’s lack of commitment to Linux users by not making a MSN-client for Linux is a bit of a downer with Linux, I recommend this program for you. It’s interface is close to MSN, it’s got lots of plug-ins so you can make it look and feel like MSN or however else you want to change it, and I love a cool function that comes with it, that lets your avatar be automatically changed to the album cover of the album you’re listening to with RhythmBox (at least, I haven’t tried it with another music player)
  • Wine – If you haven’t already heard of Wine or for that sake already installed it, then you should do that RIGHT NOW! Wine works like a kind of Windows emulator, allowing you to install and use some of those great programs that Windows have, that just haven’t been supported for Linux. A good example here, is Spotify (unless you have premium account and lives in Europe, I think).
  • Blogilo – This is a handy little program that lets you write blog posts even in offline mode and then be able to post them when you get internet again. It works great with WordPress and Blogspot, but any more blog services I haven’t tried yet. If you want to multi-post on several blogs, then you can do that VERY easily with Blogilo.
  • GIMP – I can’t remember if this program is by default featured in Ubuntu, but it certainly should. This is a photo editor that works almost in the same way as Photoshop. It’s free to use, and there’s lots of tutorials for it out on the internet.
  • Dropbox – This program is especially necessary if you use several computers or want to take a backup that is there even if all your computers burns down to the ground. It’s also a program that you need if you want to share large files with your friends or someone else, and don’t want it to be uploaded to the internet as a torrent-file, because it’s personal or classified or otherwise uncool if others get a hand of it. What Dropbox does, is to make a folder wherever you want it to be on your computer, and if you insert anything into this folder, it’s uploaded to your profile on From there on, you can download it directly from that website. If you want to share a file with someone, then insert the file into the folder called “Public”, and you’ll get a “Download link” on to give to your friends. Of course, you can only reach your files on if you’re logged in. This is a multi-platform program that works on Windows, Linux, Mac, cell phones and probably more stuff as well. CHECK IT OUT NOW!
  • Google Chrome or Chromium (same program, different colors) – To me, Firefox isn’t working out too well. Yes, it’s my second-favorite web browser of choice, but it’s not my favorite anymore. Google Chrome is just easier and faster to use and has lots of great additions for you. Also, it’s made by one of the world’s biggest companies, so it SHOULD be working pretty neat and get a lot of attention.
  • AcidRip DVD Ripper – I haven’t tried A LOT of DVD Rippers, but that’s probably because I found this so early on in my journey of using Ubuntu, that I haven’t needed to look no further. This program lets you easily rip your DVD’s into your computer and into .avi-files. You select if you want it to have subtitles and which chapters you want from the DVD and so on from the menu.
  • VLC Media Player – If I want to watch DVD’s, I always use VLC. It’s easy to use and you might already know it well from having experienced it on Windows (if you are like me, and have started with Windows and then moved on to Linux or still uses some Windows, but is curious and/or is testing Linux).
  • Screenlets – This isn’t so much a practical program as it is a program for your vanity. We all want good looking desktops, don’t we? This program let’s you get what you want easier. If you for instance wants a trash bin on your desktop, but finds the one that’s featured on Ubuntu to be quite ugly (which it kinda is), then you can get another one here! There’s A LOT of different things to find here. Clocks, notes, CPU meters, RSS readers…you name it
  • Avant Window Navigator – I almost forgot this program, because it’s such a big part of my day that I can’t imagine using Ubuntu without it. I don’t really want that ugly panel that comes with Ubuntu at the bottom of my screen, so I got me AWN and set it to look JUST like I want to to be. So, to be honest, it’s a dock. That’s what it is. It’s a dock, and it’s cool, with LOTS of different settings you can fix on till you get the perfect dock for you
  • Wammu – I use this quite often, because I text a lot, which makes my phone get slower because of all the texts I have, but I don’t want to delete them for all eternity, so I use my Bluetooth and Wammu and take backup of different things on my cell phone. Easy and well working!

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