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I’m sick of…


Title: Bob Dylan – Lovesick (from Time Out Of Mind)

I’m in a really bad shape right now. Can’t breathe through my nose, got some fever, got a terrible throat, I’m hurting over a lot of places and the thought of food makes me wanna throw up. Good plan to stick to the bed today? Indeed!

And when in bed on such a fine day, with an android phone that’s connected to a good working wifi, I tend to use it a lot. Therefore, I’m also Pressing now! How about that. It’s been a long time. At least since a very good and long note.

My 19th birthday was, as I told you here, on Friday. The first gift I received was a gift certificate for a brand new computer! And that was very well needed, for one of my main reasons for not pressing lately, is my lack of my own computer. Yesterday I found the computer I wanted and it was bought briefly after it was found. I used it almost all of yesterday, and it works very well!

I’m not sure if I can tell you about all the other gifts, but I can say that Emma, my adorable girlfriend, gave me A LOT of presents! I think I must’ve been a VERY good boy to receive that many gifts from her!
If I’ve been permitted/she wants me to, I’ll post what I got in a later post.

That’s about what I had to say right now. I’ll get back to you if I can come up with more things. It is in fact possible to post several times in one day. I used it quite a lot in September of ’08.

I’ll just find and upload a picture to you now, and then I’ll be off and try to relax some more. Taking it easy, trying to get better. Just “ordered” breakfast. Lol. I know, I don’t usually “lol”, but it was suitable here.

December 9

Cover of "Joyeux Noel (Widescreen)"

Cover of Joyeux Noel (Widescreen)

Today I saw a Christmassy film about World War I. It’s called “Joyeux Noël” and I quite liked it. Liked it a lot, actually.

Well, 15 days left till Christmas eve.

Feeling Yet A Day

Title: Remember Our Story Eternally – You Will Change Too


Before I start getting too carried away by this post, I’ve got a question for you who uses WordPress:
Do you remember/know how you turn on the thing that makes you able to get recommended tags and links and such? Because I tried finding it for someone else, and I could NOT find it! It’s such a smart tool, I’d think it’d be automatically on, but apparently,  you still have to turn it on, but finding that darn switch is NOT an easy thing to do!


That was mainly what I was going to blog about now, so I think I’ll try to rather post more times today than just try to make one long post now where I don’t really know what I am to talk about.

Resurrection Please

A part of me died today. It’s not the biggest part in the world, but really, it did. I don’t think I’ll be so affected by it now as I’d be if this happened a year ago. Or two. Two years ago, this would be really fucking hard for me. Now, I’ve grown a new kind of society around me. I got more real life friends now. Not just one. But you were still my best school friend.

Today, I got a call from my best friend from school. I haven’t dared calling him so before this year, because, for some reason, I kind of hate him as well. He’s so…in love with himself, and everything’s way better about him than others, and everything you’ve experienced, he’s experienced as well, just worse. But still, we had some great laughs. I think we’d be able to laugh really hard and long after just having been just us two for a couple of minutes.

The call was about him quiting my school, to go to another school far away and starting all over really. He’s been away from my school the last two and a half weeks. I haven’t really seen him a lot lately, but every day I got to school and we were supposed to have a class together, I checked if he was there, but was disappointed each time, since he wasn’t. There was a special kind of humor we shared. I don’t think anyone else getting into a conversation we shared when we were the only ones around, would get a fucking thing about what we were talking about and why we were laughing. We’ve been going to the same school for 12 years now. We’ve been in each others social groups for most of that time. He’s been one of my best friends for 5 of them. So yes, it’s hard for me to know that I won’t see him that much anymore, and perhaps never, since he can’t keep track of his appointments and what he’s really doing.

People mix up our names at school. You were something special. You were something else. I hope we’ll meet again, old friend. And good luck at your new school.

When I Call You Up, Your Line’s Engaged

Title: The Beatles – You Won’t See Me

I thought the title fits how it’s like a lot lately. When I try to talk to people, I have to wait for a long time, if I GET TO talk AT someone AT ALL! Luckily, has a autumn sale, so my solitude has something to do in the mean time.

Photo by me

I took the photo today. It was just filled with seagulls outside our window, so I took it with my Sony Ericsson W995 from our living room. I didn’t get to capture them all in one shot, but this was a good shot, I thought. I like the photo myself, at least, and that’s what matters the most to me.

This week, TWO of my best friend’s (but not THE best friend) has birthday. I didn’t know they had it at the same week, but it’s kinda cool. And easier for me to remember. Especially since it’s right after my ten days of being allowed to feel sorry for myself or “suicide days” or whatever you wanna call them. They went really well this year though, so I’m pleased with that.

I’m sorry about the lack of “Most Special Tweets Of The Week”, but today I looked through an entire week of tweets, and I think I retweeted over 100 of those I looked at (and by the way, it took me TWO HOURS to look through them all, and then some!) One of the tweets even made me buy something! Or…pre-order something, that is.

The thing I pre-ordered was the upcoming debut album by Fistful Of Mercy on CD, including a T-shirt by the band, and if I’m so lucky that there was less than 300 people who had pre-ordered before me, I get a signed poster! I really hope I get one of those, but it’s not very likely, unfortunately. Perhaps fortunately for the band, though, since it was a couple of days since that was tweeted.

Album of the post: The Beatles – Rubber Soul (a DEFINITE MUST-have! I didn’t like it the first time(s) I listened through it myself, but when I heard through it in the new stereo mixes, I started loving it, and it’s now probably the album I song-for-song like the best.)

Is there any albums being released this year you’d recommend people to get?

I Ain’t Got NOTHING But Love For You Now

Title: Ryan Adams – Sweet Illusions

(Note: It’s RYAN, not BRYAN. They are COMPLETELY different singers, and Ryan’s the best one)

I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to post a “Most Special Tweets Of The Week” today, because I haven’t really checked twitter since Wednesday because of sickness and busyness. If I can’t, I’m sorry. If I do manage somehow to get it done, then you guys are lucky (lol).

I feel like the song that gave this post a title is the one song that suits me best this weekend. Perhaps also “Smile” by Nat King Cole, but mostly Ryan Adam’s “Sweet Illusions”. You should get an album by both of the artists though (a compilation is good enough for Nat King Cole, since he’s from the era where studio albums weren’t much made. It was mostly singles and compilations. I have only got “The World Of Nat King Cole”, but it’s a great album. Though, it does lack of his VERY nice Christmas song, it’s still worth getting. I think that with Nat, you just gotta find an album that’s got a cool picture, because you won’t be as motivated to listen to an album with one of the…lamer covers.

Well, now I’ve written/talked/said so much that I’m kind of off what I was saying really. I’ve gotta find out how I can write a lot about me to you, but still not offend anybody, because I don’t want someone to say I write too much about them and get them all mad at me. That’s probably why my blog seems as selfish as it does (that and perhaps a bit selfishness).

I’m supposed to get up in 15 minutes from now. My girlfriend’s coming to visit me today, and I’m REALLY looking forward to it. We’re probably gonna go see Toy Story 3D today. It might not be a “grown-up movie”, but it’s still cool.

I’m gonna try to make it so that my blog updates between this one and the other one I’m supposed to use a lot automatically. What I really want it to do, is to make sure that whenever I post a post to WordPress, it will automatically have been posted to my Blogger (Blogpost) blog as well. That way, you can choose which one you wanna read, and get the same content (+ I’m starting to feel guilty about just letting my blogger blog lay around and dust down, because I like it).

Well, I best get going now. I’ll leave you with a question, and a picture,  then.

Photo of me, by my girlfriend (it’s approximately one and a half years old).

Question: How much can I blog about YOU?

Most Special Tweets Of The Week, Part 2

This week I’ve collected the very best tweets I’ve come across through the week on Twitter. The list is pretty darn long, but I’m going to keep on with this project, so keep viewing.

And to illustrate quickly how one tweet is listed and what’s what, let’s take the first tweet on the list as an example:

Dearest Monday, while I enter into you with my head held high, I want you to know that in my mind, you’re wearing Sunday’s face.
The “*” means it’s a new tweet. Where it say “EthanSuplee”, that’s the username on Twitter of the one who posted the tweet. “Dearest Monday, while I enter into you with my head held high, I want you to know that in my mind, you’re wearing Sunday’s face.” is the tweet itself.

So with that in mind, here they are, this week’s “Most Special Tweets Of The Week”:

Dearest Monday, while I enter into you with my head held high, I want you to know that in my mind, you’re wearing Sunday’s face.
Another record-breaking #LHC fill has just finished after 14 hours of collisions. This one delivered the most intense beams to date.
Dealing with bed bugs? Here are some strategies to consider:
Seti astronomer Seth Shosta says hunt for alien life should take into account alien sentient machines.
23d of August has turned from being a good day to being perhaps the day that’ll end up the worst of my life
60 Things to Be Grateful for in Life
Japanese researchers invented a fire alarm that uses WASABI vapor! It’s for deaf people. See a video –>

There was actually a $100,000 dollar bill. Details + PIC! —>
MYTH BUSTED: George Washington did NOT have wooden teeth. The truth is even better —>
In Touch Magazine is printing an untrue story about Kelly & Jack which affects their credibility and dignity. See you in court!
Rats can find their way out of a maze faster with Mozart playing!
Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Autoimmune Diseases
Hayley Williams is untalented? I dare you to sing All I Wanted.
She’s been labelled the Stevie Nicks of a new generation, & is most certainly going her own way. Read her Q int in full
9 tips for packing a healthful brown bag lunch that will keep your taste buds tantalized –
Herlig sitat om homoekteskap: “Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine”
Bob Dylan new releases: The Witmark Demos and The Original Mono Recordings: Details:
indeed! RT @keycow they are making a skins usa. wtf? skins is MEANT to be british 😦
What do you think about human rights (and your rights) online? Submit ideas here:
Am I crazy to want this?: The Complete Elvis Presley Masters Collection.
The CARD Act will put a stop to deceptive practices and hold credit card companies accountable to their customers:

In Japan, they have vending machines for UNDERWEAR. Details + pic —>
Astronomers discover planetary system 127 light years away with 5 or more planets orbiting a star called HD 10180
How a Florida Attorney General candidate is using mobile ads to reach people in line to vote
The good people @BTDMA think YouTube is one of the six best places to hear music – fancy voting for us?
This is awesome! GivesMeHope is on Wikipedia!! Check it out: #fb
If you go to Taco Bell’s website and move your mouse over the logo, the bell rings! Try it —>
Last night’s #LHC fill provided as much data as the total delivered up to the ICHEP conference in Paris last month.
Chicken have the genes for making teeth! How do we know this? —>
Strawberry Twizzlers. Incredibly, they taste nothing like a strawberry…And a lot like rubber. But I keep eating them. And loving it. #USA
‘Pirana 3D is fifteen dollars? That’s five dollars per dimension.’
got home from tour excited to do nothing but watch roughly 12 hours of DVR’d mad men and true blood. cable box broken. shows lost. mur-der.
There must be a way of promoting human values without involving religion, based on common sense, experience and recent scientific findings.
morning mixes from the night before west coast madness. When you ran in a storm of heat. You were a lucky one. You were a symphony. Love you
Please don’t twitter while you’re driving.
Jørgen was wrong. I am the happiest man alive. Here’s the millionth giraffe:
In this world, you have to adjust. Adjust or die, that is
Today is “Kiss and Make Up Day” – How to Make Amends
Fantastic bargains at the official Beatles UK store – won’t be up for long!
Stress can worsen PMS symptoms: (via TIME)
How to Deal with Criticism Well: 25 Reasons to Embrace It It
“The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment.” ~Elbert Hubbard
Very excited to announce my new band with Dhani Harrison and Ben Harper. We are Fistful of Mercy. Check us out
I guess it’s a testament of our poor economy that even the blinged out hip-hop guys are wearing ill fitting hand-me-down jeans.
A woman woke up one day to find that she had a CHINESE ACCENT. Video —>

Eating raw garlic can help people who have erectile dysfunction! How? –>
Franklin Page from Seattle, Washington is the world’s fastest texter. How fast does he text? –>
To keep moving America forward, we need supporters to knock on doors and talk to voters. Join a canvass this weekend:
Google is hard at work again. Now you can make phone calls right from Gmail. Learn how:
RT @ryangee_photo Bams new crazy tat …
det finnes overhodet ingen unnskyldning for å slå barna sine. Bortsett fra hvis de har dreads
Study Shows Long-Term Weight Gain Can Result From Just 1 Month of Overeating
Every now and again I honestly think: “Damn, I’ve got one good looking shadow…”
Food for Men: 10 Foods to Boost Male Health
Craving anonymity in the Information Age? How to Delete Yourself Completely from the Internet
Is reality always more real than what we create?
64,000 year-old arrow points found – researchers find earliest direct evidence of human-made arrows in South Africa
RT @GoogleAtWork Your inbox does what? Get more work done w/o leaving Gmail w/these Google Apps Marketplace apps:
Hallelujah! RT @blondestick317 Just got home from church & the 1st thing my 5yr old did was turn on Little Bill 🙂 Thank you
My upcoming new almost ultimate favorite band: Fistful Of Mercy. How CAN you go wrong with Joseph Arthur, Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison?
Check out this hilarious peak at 1 of the TV and Movie spoofs from Ozzy’s new concert intro film
RT @kcrw: Fistful of Mercy: Video for “Restore Me” on KCRW Music Blog @fistfulofmercy Catch them live 11:15am PT
A new dedicated homepage for Realtime Search + geographic refinements, conversations view & more
song of the day…”here sometimes” by blonde redhead
Type 2 Diabetes May Have Link to Alzheimer’s
RT @cloudhacks: Join a Youtube meetup near you and connect with like-minded YouTube fans! #YouTubeMeetup
Your tweets will help @JimmyFallon introduce the presenters at the Emmy Awards on Sunday: #imontheemmys
Reading: @nytimes, Four useful Google Docs tricks.
We love this @tumblr blog devoted to YouTube videos w/ no views “The Best of the Bottom of the Barrel”
Brownies, One Bowl (Better for You) Recipe
This is awesome: Desert Duel… via @youtube
Fistful Of Mercy is becoming something big, and I like it:
All FIVE of George Foreman’s sons are named George Foreman. WHY? —>
My last tweet = help if you’re running Ubuntu 10.04 and has problems with a big, ugly logo when you start it up
i’m yours, @soniclizzz ❤
@eselemma I’m yours as well, my dearest Emma ❤
@soniclizzz hihi, du er så søt! jeg elsker deg, pus <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 min min, kjærestepus 🙂
woho! it’s friday tomorrow, let’s celebrate 😀

You know those twist ties on bread you buy at the supermarket? The color is actually important! –>
How @JibJab optimized for laughs with Google Site Search:
There are 2 golf balls sitting on the MOON. Why? —>
I’d still rather hide behind my mother’s leg than meet people.
so happy to walk into a door every day that doesn’t require a plastic key.
Roller coasters don’t have engines or ANY power source. Why? –>
Noticing a single shortcoming in ourselves is far more useful than seeing a thousand in someone else. When it is our own: we can correct it.
Feeling overwhelmed? How to Simplify Your Life
Please donate to UNICEF Help them reach the 3,5000,000 children affected by massive flooding in Pakistan
Is it just me, or is ” Il Buono, Il Cattivo, Il Brutto” (“The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”) theme song one of the coolest songs in the world?
Grammar is important: Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse & helping your uncle jack off a horse.
Macaulay Culkin turns 30 today, but I still don’t trust him to be left home alone.
You’re no doubt reading this while battling a Samurai sword wielding shark while teaching baby tigers to read
What do Tea Party members & elite marathon runners have in common? They both dream of beating a Kenyan.
Homosexuality was listed as a mental illness with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) until 1973. Why? –>
A DAY is longer than a YEAR on Venus. How? —>
Live baby tiger found in bag full of toy tigers at Thai airport.
Thank you to all the men and women who have served in Iraq. Your dedication, bravery and courage have made America safer.
Food news: Black rice has more cancer-fighting antioxidants than blueberries + it’s cheaper. Who’s tried it?

Area 51 can be seen from Google Earth! PIC —>
If you search ‘elgooG’ on Google then click “I’m feeling lucky” something cool happens. Look! —>
@soniclizzz, i love you more than words ever can describe ❤ you’re OH, so perfect to me ❤
This weekend, join supporters in your community to reach out to voters about the importance of voting this November.
listening to good music makes me feel alive
Cell phones can CATCH ON FIRE in your pocket! Don’t be like this guy —>
can’t wait to meet my lovely @soniclizzz again!
If you search “google gravity” and then click “I’m feeling lucky” something awesome happens. Look! —>
Remembering the effects of Katrina on New Orleans – Google Earth images then & now:
A fly that appears to have drowned can be revived with the use of everyday table SALT! Why? —>
Ke$ha wasn’t paid or accredited for her breakout #1 hit song! Details –>
Another heads-up: If you’ve received a DM promising you a free iPhone, that, like the iPad, indicates that your friends have been hacked.
Recent updates from the search team: better Blog Search, updates to local results & new home for Realtime Search
Thanks everyone for the positive and loving reception to FOM. Your enthusiasm is encouraging.
To the extent that suffering awakens our empathy and causes us to connect with others, it can serve as the basis of compassion and love.
watching the top 20 countdown on a “video” channel. i’m only at #13, and it’s already the worst music i have ever heard. in my entire life.
While I was in a traffic queue, a young bird walked into the middle of the road and sat there. The lights had tur…
Allsang på konserter er fantastisk. Å stå sammen med mange, mange andre mennesker som føler akkurat det samme som deg, og bare synge..
Today, I was explaining to my 10 year old daughter why she couldn’t text to Pakistan for relief. I said, “We don’…
Do Spouses Grow More Alike as Time Passes?
12 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Laptop
You are one of those perfect boys. Saving yourself for marriage, not drinking, and opting not to do drugs. I on…
Family Guy is the FIRST TV show to be resurrected on the basis of DVD sales. What happened? –>
If you leave Tokyo by plane at 7 am, you will arrive in Hawaii at approximately 7:45 pm – the PREVIOUS DAY. How? –>
HAHAHAHAHA! Now THIS is a page I can support. The person who made it gets an orange flavored kiss! HAHAHAHA!!!
It is possible to cry tears of BLOOD! How? —>
“Exile On Main St.” fascinates me. But it’s a bit scary and unfamiliar in a way as well. I’m making it my own, though
You’ve been gone “only” two hours now, but still I can’t help but to miss you crazy much (@eselemma)
And for those who wonder, a portable recording studio is really something which records your music in high quality and lets you master it
I like the double “Ventilator Blues”/”I Just Want To See His Face”. It’s a nice pair, that really suits to fade into each other
get your arms around me, and tell me i’m yours. cause i’ll never leave you, baby
THIS IS MY 1111TH TWEET! I LOVE YOU @EselEmma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and THANK YOU ALL of my followers!
can’t do the real life. i just want you to runaway with me, to a place with good mornings and rain outside the window

Skotten slo opp med sin kjæreste da han traff ei jente som hadde bursdag på julaften.
My favorite band has only one married member in the group. Time after time at concerts, I’ve seen him uphold his…
I can’t tell you how much I miss you, because there aren’t any words that big and important and…it’s just impossible (@eselEmma)
Double Meteorite: Scientists say dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago by at least two meteorite impacts.

About Some Useless Information

The Rolling Stones - Bridges to Babylon. Virgi...

Image via Wikipedia

Title: The Rolling Stones(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

I just thought I’d give everyone a VERY quick update on something. If you look far above here (right over my banner), you’ll see some tabs. These are pages, and the update is that I just made a page of it’s own for “Most Special Tweets Of The Week”, so if you wanna get to one of them fast, just go there. I made it like this because I figured I didn’t have a menu on my site to browse through categories. Hope it’s all good with everyone!

Well I’m Not The World’s Most Physical Guy

Title: The KinksLola

I’m really not. But I did actually participate in my gymnastics at school today! Which has been quite some time since I did what others do. I’m a sneaky little bastard that can sneak my way from ANYTHING I want at school, but I nearly don’t do it anymore since primary school.

Now, today’s been quite a nice day, actually. Though I showed up at school about 100 minutes before I was supposed to (due to someone having set me up for TWO classes of chemistry on these kinds of weeks, but not on the other ones). Gymnastics was better than suspected, and the new teacher seems like a really great guy for this subject. Might be my best gymnastics teacher ever (but it’s hard to beat the one I had in tenth grade).

I completely stopped with this post now, so I’m probably gonna get back with something that has NOTHING to do with the previous things I wrote. As you MAY have noticed (but most likely not, because it’s not a big deal), I’ve categorized all my previous posts. Instead of being in the “Uncategorized” category, they’re now in “Usual Blogging”, unless it’s something special, where I only have one category yet, but I do recommend people to follow that one, because I think I’m on to something that’ll be pretty cool. I’ve already started on next week’s list.

But I need some pictures and I need some questions and something for you people, because this isn’t a very interesting post yet.

Photo by me, taken with my Sony Ericsson W995, of my computer being cooled down by a USB-fan


Do you want me to try to post one picture on each post?

Most Special Tweets Of The Week, Part 1

Since this is the first part, I’m going to explain what exactly this is. I just got this great idea you see, which is really that each Sunday, I’ll post the most interesting tweets that’s been made that’s crossed me within the last week. Now, since I got the idea this evening, I’m only going to take my own ones this very first time, but next week, I’ll include EVERYTHING! It’s just too much to go through if I was to go through EVERY tweet NOW, that’s why it’ll be like this. Oh, and please let me know what YOU think of this idea! So here goes:

But in the first round, which I’ll start with right now, I’m gonna have to only take my own tweets
1 minute ago via web
I’m thinking of starting with something new on my blog, from now on. “Most interesting tweets this week”
2 minutes ago via web
Penguins are AWESOME!
about 2 hours ago via web
THIS IS MY 1000TH TWEET EVERYBODY! I LOVE @ESELEMMA!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
about 3 hours ago via web
I like being a Linux user
about 6 hours ago via web
A very smart person once said to me “I think you can become whatever you want to be, as long as you don’t quit trying to become it”
Wed Aug 18 2010 23:06:04 (CEST) via web
Managed to call my grandma AND clear out my room in UNDER one hour! That room hadn’t been cleaned out in about a quarter of a year
Wed Aug 18 2010 19:12:42 (CEST) via web
I’m having a REALLY big problem with getting back to school now. It’s hard when you know you’ll never have as long break as this one again
Tue Aug 17 2010 23:15:35 (CEST) via web
I’m gonna start school tomorrow, and that day I’m also gonna go to the bank and we’ll see if I won’t order a Tascam DP-008
Tue Aug 17 2010 21:54:43 (CEST) via web
I think I like the 40’s movies better than I’ve given it credit for before
Tue Aug 17 2010 21:25:39 (CEST) via web
My summer break is now officially over
Tue Aug 17 2010 15:47:11 (CEST) via mobile web
Am I the only one who REALLY enjoys listening to blues and stay up late when it rains?
Tue Aug 17 2010 02:04:53 (CEST) via web
So, apparently, the guitar pedals they sell cheaply down at my local store is called Danelectro‘s
Tue Aug 17 2010 00:17:11 (CEST) via web
Oh, well, apparently, I’m not getting a Tascam DP-01 FX PortaStudio after all. My dear friend decided to keep it
Mon Aug 16 2010 23:24:16 (CEST) via web
THIS IS MY 888TH TWEET! I’d just like to say: I LOVE YOU @EselEmma! <3<3<3
Mon Aug 16 2010 00:25:26 (CEST) via mobile web
I’m gonna go ahead and do something with my life…or something…or just make a little something…or perhaps I’ll just sit right here
Sun Aug 15 2010 21:41:01 (CEST) via web
And yes, things are going to be more clean and such in next weeks special tweets.