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If you want to expand your mind…

I just thought up a genius idea! At least it is to me. What if I made an arrangement, where all of you saved up about…£5 each month or each week, and then I told you something you ought to get for that price or less! What do you all think of it?

Most of the time, it would probably be like a CD or a DVD at, where they don’t charge you for shipping. It would be a great way to expand your collection and expand your taste and knowledge.

Let me know and get back to me. I could just do like a post a week where I recommended an item and told you a bit about it and so on.

I guess you can sort of call the whole idea for a “purchase club”, just like there are book clubs and so on.

I’m In Love With My Car, Got A Thing For My Automobile

Title: Queen – I’m In Love With My Car (which is one of their best songs in my opinion!)


Photo taken from


Yes, I’m going to use somebody’s photo who’s probably not authorized it, but it’s just to show you this amazing car! I’m saying all this in a bit of a sarcastic tone, but still, I’d like to have a Reliant Robin! It’s a cool car that stands out from the crowd, and if you pay attention, you’ll probably see it many times around. It’s also tiny enough to actually not cause you too much trouble if you drive into…say, a mall. But then again, this “super car” does have quite a few down-sides. For example is it light enough to actually carry it away, so you can’t really rely on it to be there still if you leave it at a parking lot to go shopping. It’s also only got three wheels, which is a bit unpractical. It haven’t got much baggage space either, but it has actually got two seats…though I’m not sure if two people CAN sit in it at the same time.


But yeah, the main purpose of me posting this car and something about it, was to raise the awareness of its existence, letting people who’ve seen it know what it’s called and just, if nothing else, as a memo for myself, because I think it’s a cool car, though it’s not very functional in probably any way really.


Oh, and people I’ve taken the picture from: PLEASE forgive me, but it was just the coolest picture I could find of it!


Question: What do you think of the Reliant Robin?

Did You Know, That When It Snows…

Title: Seal – Kiss From A Rose

Did you know that you can actually make money with deviantART? The easiest and only way I’m SURE of, is by making people purchase prints of photographs you’ve taken, but I’m pretty sure there are other ways as well. Cool thing with the prints and all that.

Trouble With Dreams Is They Don’t Come True

Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

Image via Wikipedia

Title: Eels – Trouble With Dreams

I’ve got an idea for something to do. I want my WordPress site to be as cool and fine looking as possible, and it would be great for it to be like a “hang out” place, so I’m thinking what if I post the coolest/nicest looking/cutest/funniest/best pictures/wallpapers I can find on each of my post, so that people get to see something that’s actually interesting as well? Let me know what you think of that idea. I could also have the best pics on a site of its own. The real big problem with the idea is copyright and stuff like that.

I’m listening a bit to Eels now. It’s great music that reminds me of a lot, and was my favorite band back in ’04 or something like that. The favorite song was “Fresh Feeling”. I have to make the album “Blinking Lights And Other Revelations” a “perfect” album, because:
1. It’s got SUCH a great feel to it for me

2. My girlfriend bought it for me for Christmas gift

3. I like double disc albums lately, and it’s fun and challenging to “get into” them, if you understand what I mean

4.  It’s got several songs containing the words “Blinking Lights” in its title, which is kinda cool to do on one album

5. The title of the songs “Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights” and “Theme For A Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God Exists”

And it’s just…yeah, it should become one of my favorite albums.

I’m thinking of yet another page idea, but we’ll see. That one I CAN start making!

The question is as said earlier, what do you think of the first idea?