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More Than You Know

Tite: Eddie Vedder – More Than You Know


There’s THAT album. That ONE album you JUST CAN’T wait for the prices to lower before you buy it. That one album you can’t let Spotify ruin the spirit of. That one album you realize really NEEDS to be in a physical version and which you really NEED to get NOW, because you can’t risk waiting any longer. It is already too much like an album of your dreams to stay away from it. It deserves the extra cash you use to get it NOW and not in a few months time.


I came across THAT album of this year for me today, and had to buy it. It is Eddie Vedder‘s “Ukulele Songs”. How can you not like – no – LOVE the idea of an album with one of the most beautiful voices known to the music industry making an album where he only has the instrument of a ukulele to accompany him!? But that’s not even all there is to love to it! Several songs on the album (“More Than You Know“, “”Once In A While“, “Tonight You Belong To Me” and “Dream A Little Dream”) are covers of old time 20’s and 30’s songs! It is an album that cannot be missed to me, but that I still have a major problem seeing why is so popular to others.

The World Is Turning, I Hope It Don’t Turn Away

Title: Neil Young – On The Beach


I feel like I can’t really be satisfied lately. No matter what I do, am I still just chasing for something more. It’s like nothing’s really exiting. I guess the title should’ve been The Rolling Stones’I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” then, but I’m listening to this song now, and I feel like it’s pretty good for me right now. It feels like I can’t really do anything exactly right lately either. To quote Neil Young yet again: “Why do I keep fucking things up?”.


What the hell I’m supposed to do with my life is a hard question lately. I want to be an artist, but in a way do I not see any reason to. For the first time in my life, I’ve understood and actually has a wanting to become a monk. But I’m not going to become one. I’ve chosen a different life from that.


I want to be with my girlfriend. I really do believe she is to be my wife sometime and that we’ll be together for the rest of our lives. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking I’m so young I don’t know what I want yet, and that we might be together for the wrong reasons. But we’re not together because we both love a song or something like that. We’re together because…well, for my sake, it’s because to me, she’s so perfect, it’s like she’s customized for me by a higher power or something, and she helps me in SO many ways, which she’ll never fully understand, and she’s the only one I feel like I can talk to about everything and the only one I feel like everything’s…perfect with. She’s perfect for me in so many ways, I’m not going to tell you all the reasons, because it would be all too long of a post and I’m almost certain I’d forget something.


Photo taken by me


Jeg elsker deg, jenta mi ❤