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Sonic Lizzzten


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This post is going to be informative. That is what it’s all about.


You see, it will be about something I will try from now on to make. It is going to be called “Sonic Lizzzten” (as a pun between my nick name and the word “listen”). It will be a radio show, hosted by me, where I talk about many things here in life, but most importantly, music. I will recommend music to listen to, talk about music history, and I will even play songs (just like an ordinary radio show), but the songs will be bootlegs, as I otherwise might get into some legal trouble (and I do not believe I will if I use bootlegs, but we’ll see).


It will start some time soon, but when it is up, I don’t quite now. It also will probably not be regularly to a specific day of the week, as this is almost impossible to keep. To begin with, it will be hard to know when the next show will arrive, but I am planning to at least try to keep it as regular as one show per week in December (when I hopefully move out).


I hope someone likes this idea, and if someone has any suggestion as to how I should broadcast them, please do leave replies on that. Otherwise, it’ll probably be SoundCloud or YouTube or something. Let me know if you even have an opinion on which of these services you’d rather prefer I used.


That’s it for now! I will start WordPressing more soon!

More Than You Know

Tite: Eddie Vedder – More Than You Know


There’s THAT album. That ONE album you JUST CAN’T wait for the prices to lower before you buy it. That one album you can’t let Spotify ruin the spirit of. That one album you realize really NEEDS to be in a physical version and which you really NEED to get NOW, because you can’t risk waiting any longer. It is already too much like an album of your dreams to stay away from it. It deserves the extra cash you use to get it NOW and not in a few months time.


I came across THAT album of this year for me today, and had to buy it. It is Eddie Vedder‘s “Ukulele Songs”. How can you not like – no – LOVE the idea of an album with one of the most beautiful voices known to the music industry making an album where he only has the instrument of a ukulele to accompany him!? But that’s not even all there is to love to it! Several songs on the album (“More Than You Know“, “”Once In A While“, “Tonight You Belong To Me” and “Dream A Little Dream”) are covers of old time 20’s and 30’s songs! It is an album that cannot be missed to me, but that I still have a major problem seeing why is so popular to others.

If you want to expand your mind…

I just thought up a genius idea! At least it is to me. What if I made an arrangement, where all of you saved up about…£5 each month or each week, and then I told you something you ought to get for that price or less! What do you all think of it?

Most of the time, it would probably be like a CD or a DVD at, where they don’t charge you for shipping. It would be a great way to expand your collection and expand your taste and knowledge.

Let me know and get back to me. I could just do like a post a week where I recommended an item and told you a bit about it and so on.

I guess you can sort of call the whole idea for a “purchase club”, just like there are book clubs and so on.

What Goes On In Your Life?


Image by JFithian via Flickr

Title: The BeatlesWhat Goes On

(“Rubber Soul” is an album you should have in your collection…which is really what goes for every The Beatles album, though, so just get the box “The Beatles In Stereo” and you should thank me for the rest of your life)

How long has it been now? It’s been 12 days already, actually. Well, that’s quite…something. I did in fact write a post…in a way, on my cell phone, but it hasn’t got the e-mail address for WordPress and it hasn’t got WiFi, so I haven’t thought too much about it anyways. It’s more of an essay in a way than a blog post, but hey, everything counts, right?

The main problem with using songs by The Beatles as titles on my posts, is that WordPress only suggest me to apply Beatles tags and Beatles pictures into the post! AND I WANT NORMAL PICTURES OF EVERYDAY THINGS! But hey, I COULD just go to Wikipedia and find it myself, though, couldn’t I?

Have you ever tried to search for “Wikipedia” on Wikipedia? I hadn’t until now, but that’s an article as well! Guess it’s the first they made. Probably is their “About” page as well as the article page. I linked Wikipedia to that article above now, so go there and have a look! I’ll wait……………DID YOU LOOK? Well, it’s not important anyway now, is it?

HAHA! Now I found the PERFECT picture for this post! Hope you like it! NO IDEA what it is, but it was just so very…random. I just HAD to use it! THAT’S EVERYDAY LIFE FOR YOU RIGHT THERE, PEOPLE! We need more of that kind of things. Less murder, more…love and tasting things.

Well, now I’m just blabbering, but at least I’ve started posting again , haven’t I? At least I posted now, let’s see how much more I’ll post in short time. Perhaps a lot, perhaps…nothing. I think I use a very verbal language in my posts.


What is your most treasured music album in your collection? Give me the name of the artist, the album, which format you have it in, and why you treasure THAT album so much.

I Want You So Bad It’s Driving Me Mad

Cover of "Abbey Road (Remastered)"

Cover of Abbey Road (Remastered)

Title: The BeatlesI Want You (She’s So Heavy)

I just learned something interesting about this song today. Though I’ve listened to it A LOT of times, I haven’t really thought about how easy this almost-8-minutes-long-song lyrics is. Do you want to know how easy of a lyrics its got? There’s only 14 different words in it! It’s still one of my favorite songs EVER, though, but that’s quite fascinating, isn’t it? That (one of) the greatest band EVER has a long, cool, kinda heavy song that’s only got FOURTEEN different words in it.

If you haven’t heard it, you should definitely check it out. The preferred way is of course to buy the The Beatles In Stereo box…or just the Abbey Road album in newly remastered stereo version, but if you want to hear it NOW, then go here then:

The World Is Turning, I Hope It Don’t Turn Away

Title: Neil Young – On The Beach


I feel like I can’t really be satisfied lately. No matter what I do, am I still just chasing for something more. It’s like nothing’s really exiting. I guess the title should’ve been The Rolling Stones’I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” then, but I’m listening to this song now, and I feel like it’s pretty good for me right now. It feels like I can’t really do anything exactly right lately either. To quote Neil Young yet again: “Why do I keep fucking things up?”.


What the hell I’m supposed to do with my life is a hard question lately. I want to be an artist, but in a way do I not see any reason to. For the first time in my life, I’ve understood and actually has a wanting to become a monk. But I’m not going to become one. I’ve chosen a different life from that.


I want to be with my girlfriend. I really do believe she is to be my wife sometime and that we’ll be together for the rest of our lives. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking I’m so young I don’t know what I want yet, and that we might be together for the wrong reasons. But we’re not together because we both love a song or something like that. We’re together because…well, for my sake, it’s because to me, she’s so perfect, it’s like she’s customized for me by a higher power or something, and she helps me in SO many ways, which she’ll never fully understand, and she’s the only one I feel like I can talk to about everything and the only one I feel like everything’s…perfect with. She’s perfect for me in so many ways, I’m not going to tell you all the reasons, because it would be all too long of a post and I’m almost certain I’d forget something.


Photo taken by me


Jeg elsker deg, jenta mi ❤

It’s Okay To Fish, Cus It Don’t Have Any Feeling

Title: Nirvana – Something In The Way


I usually never listens to this song. It’s not because I dislike it or anything, but because it’s made into a 25 minute long song on the Nevermind-album. I’m listening to the MTV Unplugged version now, which is a really great version! But then again, the whole MTV Unplugged album is an essentiality in everyone’s collections. It’s got some great cover versions of Meat Puppets‘ songs as well. I like that.


This day hasn’t been very remarkable. I got my chemistry test back, which told me I almost failed, but I think the grade means I passed with great doubt. I feel like a lot of people see me as a failure here in life. In my last course of today, I had a test, where I wrote from I got the test till the course was over, which means I wrote five FULL pages. I normally don’t do that, so I’m hoping it turned out well.


What’s your favorite live album?

Come As You Are, As A Friend, As I Want You To Be

Title: NirvanaCome As You Are

So, I’m not posting a lot lately. It’s not you, it’s me, to say it like that. It’s mostly because every time I get on my computer now and I go online, I let it open my previously closed tabs, because I’m meaning to buy something at the Autumn sale of I’m not precisely sure what to purchase there quite yet, but I’m a hell of a lot closer than I was when I started watching.

Anyways, I don’t have a hundred things to tell you now anyways. At least not that I can think of. Dylan rocks, just so y’all know, and I like making and playing music. Also, I love my girlfriend. There’s pretty much what you need to know.

I don’t really know what to post about, and those kind of posts are so bad, that I’ll stop now.
BUT! I could include this great picture I took at the beginning of this day:

Photo by me

And yes, that’s the view from my bedroom.


Do you have Nirvana’s “Nevermind” in your collection? And yes, I mean LEGALLY! Like, not-downloaded for free

When I Call You Up, Your Line’s Engaged

Title: The Beatles – You Won’t See Me

I thought the title fits how it’s like a lot lately. When I try to talk to people, I have to wait for a long time, if I GET TO talk AT someone AT ALL! Luckily, has a autumn sale, so my solitude has something to do in the mean time.

Photo by me

I took the photo today. It was just filled with seagulls outside our window, so I took it with my Sony Ericsson W995 from our living room. I didn’t get to capture them all in one shot, but this was a good shot, I thought. I like the photo myself, at least, and that’s what matters the most to me.

This week, TWO of my best friend’s (but not THE best friend) has birthday. I didn’t know they had it at the same week, but it’s kinda cool. And easier for me to remember. Especially since it’s right after my ten days of being allowed to feel sorry for myself or “suicide days” or whatever you wanna call them. They went really well this year though, so I’m pleased with that.

I’m sorry about the lack of “Most Special Tweets Of The Week”, but today I looked through an entire week of tweets, and I think I retweeted over 100 of those I looked at (and by the way, it took me TWO HOURS to look through them all, and then some!) One of the tweets even made me buy something! Or…pre-order something, that is.

The thing I pre-ordered was the upcoming debut album by Fistful Of Mercy on CD, including a T-shirt by the band, and if I’m so lucky that there was less than 300 people who had pre-ordered before me, I get a signed poster! I really hope I get one of those, but it’s not very likely, unfortunately. Perhaps fortunately for the band, though, since it was a couple of days since that was tweeted.

Album of the post: The Beatles – Rubber Soul (a DEFINITE MUST-have! I didn’t like it the first time(s) I listened through it myself, but when I heard through it in the new stereo mixes, I started loving it, and it’s now probably the album I song-for-song like the best.)

Is there any albums being released this year you’d recommend people to get?

I’m The Air You Breath, The Food You Eat

Title: The Doors – The Changeling

Photo by me

The photo was taken while I was listening to and recording in to my computer, the album “McCartney” by Paul McCartney. I liked the album more than I expected to, so that was quite a nice surprise. It’s always better when you like an album better than you think you’ll do, than worse than you think you’ll do, especially if it’s an album you’ve gained a lot of expectations to before listening through it, or you’ve listened through it once several years ago and liked it then, but didn’t like it as well as you remembered when you listen to it again years afterwards. That’s happened to me quite a few times.

I’ve been spending this day watching “The Searchers” (my first John Wayne movie), reading about The Doors and the final days of Jim Morrison‘s life (through the magazine “Classic Rock Magazine“, which I faithfully reads and buys quite often) and that’s about it. I’m trying to get well again, which takes some time, but I’m at least better today than I were yesterday. There’s one good thing though, and that is that this sickness came THIS weekend, since my girlfriend was otherwise occupied anyways now, so it’s okay that I couldn’t meet her and that I can’t be a lot on my computer. Or at least more okay, that is.

Just shortly, let me tell you that you should REALLY be getting the two last albums by the ORIGINAL Doors, “Morrison Hotel” and “L.A. Woman“. I like the “Hotel” better than “L.A. Woman”, and seems to be quite alone in that opinion, but they’re both essential albums, especially if you like blues rock and the voice and sound of The Doors. Or if you just like classic rock and want something by The Doors.

I’m thinking of getting me some CD’s soon, but I’m not quite sure which ones to buy. It’s not always easy to know when you’ve got a very diverse taste, because there’s almost always too many CD’s I want, and so I have to use a lot of time to figure out EXACTLY which CD’s I’ll get this time, and which ones’ll be left behind for that time. Some CD’s end up never being bought, despite my want for them, but it’s a different wanting than for others, perhaps. It’s like that for the two first solo albums by Iggy Pop (“The Idiot” and “Lust For Life”) for example. Some things can even in the end become something you forgot why you wanted in the first place.

I’ll leave you to it then, and hope you’re all having a GREAT weekend!