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If you want to expand your mind…

I just thought up a genius idea! At least it is to me. What if I made an arrangement, where all of you saved up about…£5 each month or each week, and then I told you something you ought to get for that price or less! What do you all think of it?

Most of the time, it would probably be like a CD or a DVD at, where they don’t charge you for shipping. It would be a great way to expand your collection and expand your taste and knowledge.

Let me know and get back to me. I could just do like a post a week where I recommended an item and told you a bit about it and so on.

I guess you can sort of call the whole idea for a “purchase club”, just like there are book clubs and so on.

I Ain’t Got NOTHING But Love For You Now

Title: Ryan Adams – Sweet Illusions

(Note: It’s RYAN, not BRYAN. They are COMPLETELY different singers, and Ryan’s the best one)

I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to post a “Most Special Tweets Of The Week” today, because I haven’t really checked twitter since Wednesday because of sickness and busyness. If I can’t, I’m sorry. If I do manage somehow to get it done, then you guys are lucky (lol).

I feel like the song that gave this post a title is the one song that suits me best this weekend. Perhaps also “Smile” by Nat King Cole, but mostly Ryan Adam’s “Sweet Illusions”. You should get an album by both of the artists though (a compilation is good enough for Nat King Cole, since he’s from the era where studio albums weren’t much made. It was mostly singles and compilations. I have only got “The World Of Nat King Cole”, but it’s a great album. Though, it does lack of his VERY nice Christmas song, it’s still worth getting. I think that with Nat, you just gotta find an album that’s got a cool picture, because you won’t be as motivated to listen to an album with one of the…lamer covers.

Well, now I’ve written/talked/said so much that I’m kind of off what I was saying really. I’ve gotta find out how I can write a lot about me to you, but still not offend anybody, because I don’t want someone to say I write too much about them and get them all mad at me. That’s probably why my blog seems as selfish as it does (that and perhaps a bit selfishness).

I’m supposed to get up in 15 minutes from now. My girlfriend’s coming to visit me today, and I’m REALLY looking forward to it. We’re probably gonna go see Toy Story 3D today. It might not be a “grown-up movie”, but it’s still cool.

I’m gonna try to make it so that my blog updates between this one and the other one I’m supposed to use a lot automatically. What I really want it to do, is to make sure that whenever I post a post to WordPress, it will automatically have been posted to my Blogger (Blogpost) blog as well. That way, you can choose which one you wanna read, and get the same content (+ I’m starting to feel guilty about just letting my blogger blog lay around and dust down, because I like it).

Well, I best get going now. I’ll leave you with a question, and a picture,  then.

Photo of me, by my girlfriend (it’s approximately one and a half years old).

Question: How much can I blog about YOU?

Most Special Tweets Of The Week, Part 1

Since this is the first part, I’m going to explain what exactly this is. I just got this great idea you see, which is really that each Sunday, I’ll post the most interesting tweets that’s been made that’s crossed me within the last week. Now, since I got the idea this evening, I’m only going to take my own ones this very first time, but next week, I’ll include EVERYTHING! It’s just too much to go through if I was to go through EVERY tweet NOW, that’s why it’ll be like this. Oh, and please let me know what YOU think of this idea! So here goes:

But in the first round, which I’ll start with right now, I’m gonna have to only take my own tweets
1 minute ago via web
I’m thinking of starting with something new on my blog, from now on. “Most interesting tweets this week”
2 minutes ago via web
Penguins are AWESOME!
about 2 hours ago via web
THIS IS MY 1000TH TWEET EVERYBODY! I LOVE @ESELEMMA!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
about 3 hours ago via web
I like being a Linux user
about 6 hours ago via web
A very smart person once said to me “I think you can become whatever you want to be, as long as you don’t quit trying to become it”
Wed Aug 18 2010 23:06:04 (CEST) via web
Managed to call my grandma AND clear out my room in UNDER one hour! That room hadn’t been cleaned out in about a quarter of a year
Wed Aug 18 2010 19:12:42 (CEST) via web
I’m having a REALLY big problem with getting back to school now. It’s hard when you know you’ll never have as long break as this one again
Tue Aug 17 2010 23:15:35 (CEST) via web
I’m gonna start school tomorrow, and that day I’m also gonna go to the bank and we’ll see if I won’t order a Tascam DP-008
Tue Aug 17 2010 21:54:43 (CEST) via web
I think I like the 40’s movies better than I’ve given it credit for before
Tue Aug 17 2010 21:25:39 (CEST) via web
My summer break is now officially over
Tue Aug 17 2010 15:47:11 (CEST) via mobile web
Am I the only one who REALLY enjoys listening to blues and stay up late when it rains?
Tue Aug 17 2010 02:04:53 (CEST) via web
So, apparently, the guitar pedals they sell cheaply down at my local store is called Danelectro‘s
Tue Aug 17 2010 00:17:11 (CEST) via web
Oh, well, apparently, I’m not getting a Tascam DP-01 FX PortaStudio after all. My dear friend decided to keep it
Mon Aug 16 2010 23:24:16 (CEST) via web
THIS IS MY 888TH TWEET! I’d just like to say: I LOVE YOU @EselEmma! <3<3<3
Mon Aug 16 2010 00:25:26 (CEST) via mobile web
I’m gonna go ahead and do something with my life…or something…or just make a little something…or perhaps I’ll just sit right here
Sun Aug 15 2010 21:41:01 (CEST) via web
And yes, things are going to be more clean and such in next weeks special tweets.