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February 3d, 2011


Ironic to forget about writing a blog when I said I wanted to use it as a diary, ain’t it?

Today I woke up dreadfully tired. Luckily, I did not throw up today. This was my first day of taking a bus to school since…I don’t remember when, actually. It’s so freakin’ slippery because of ice today, that movement seems impossible.

My first lesson of today was history, where I learned about Mengele, Roosevelt and some other German guy, and that my teacher was born in Japan!

Then it was time for gymnastics, where I was going to skip it, since I’ve been sick for a long time now, but I wasn’t allowed to skip dancing, so I’ve re-learned how to dance waltz today. It’s not very advanced, but kind of hard to not do wrong when you’re in the moment.

After that it was lunch, quickly followed by a double lesson of language, where we first held some presentations and then were watching a Norwegian movie called “Nine Lives” from 1957, I believe. Quite good, actually. I’ve discovered the guy sitting in front of me is painfully irritating.

Then I got home, didn’t do anything special before dinner, then remembered I have a test in religion tomorrow, so I’ve been studying a bit for that. Also been talking with my girlfriend on Skype today a bit. It was very good to hear her voice again. Sadly it wasn’t that long of a conversation.

I think that’s my day, actually. It’s been a day.

What Goes On In Your Life?


Image by JFithian via Flickr

Title: The BeatlesWhat Goes On

(“Rubber Soul” is an album you should have in your collection…which is really what goes for every The Beatles album, though, so just get the box “The Beatles In Stereo” and you should thank me for the rest of your life)

How long has it been now? It’s been 12 days already, actually. Well, that’s quite…something. I did in fact write a post…in a way, on my cell phone, but it hasn’t got the e-mail address for WordPress and it hasn’t got WiFi, so I haven’t thought too much about it anyways. It’s more of an essay in a way than a blog post, but hey, everything counts, right?

The main problem with using songs by The Beatles as titles on my posts, is that WordPress only suggest me to apply Beatles tags and Beatles pictures into the post! AND I WANT NORMAL PICTURES OF EVERYDAY THINGS! But hey, I COULD just go to Wikipedia and find it myself, though, couldn’t I?

Have you ever tried to search for “Wikipedia” on Wikipedia? I hadn’t until now, but that’s an article as well! Guess it’s the first they made. Probably is their “About” page as well as the article page. I linked Wikipedia to that article above now, so go there and have a look! I’ll wait……………DID YOU LOOK? Well, it’s not important anyway now, is it?

HAHA! Now I found the PERFECT picture for this post! Hope you like it! NO IDEA what it is, but it was just so very…random. I just HAD to use it! THAT’S EVERYDAY LIFE FOR YOU RIGHT THERE, PEOPLE! We need more of that kind of things. Less murder, more…love and tasting things.

Well, now I’m just blabbering, but at least I’ve started posting again , haven’t I? At least I posted now, let’s see how much more I’ll post in short time. Perhaps a lot, perhaps…nothing. I think I use a very verbal language in my posts.


What is your most treasured music album in your collection? Give me the name of the artist, the album, which format you have it in, and why you treasure THAT album so much.

December 9

Cover of "Joyeux Noel (Widescreen)"

Cover of Joyeux Noel (Widescreen)

Today I saw a Christmassy film about World War I. It’s called “Joyeux Noël” and I quite liked it. Liked it a lot, actually.

Well, 15 days left till Christmas eve.

Resurrection Please

A part of me died today. It’s not the biggest part in the world, but really, it did. I don’t think I’ll be so affected by it now as I’d be if this happened a year ago. Or two. Two years ago, this would be really fucking hard for me. Now, I’ve grown a new kind of society around me. I got more real life friends now. Not just one. But you were still my best school friend.

Today, I got a call from my best friend from school. I haven’t dared calling him so before this year, because, for some reason, I kind of hate him as well. He’s so…in love with himself, and everything’s way better about him than others, and everything you’ve experienced, he’s experienced as well, just worse. But still, we had some great laughs. I think we’d be able to laugh really hard and long after just having been just us two for a couple of minutes.

The call was about him quiting my school, to go to another school far away and starting all over really. He’s been away from my school the last two and a half weeks. I haven’t really seen him a lot lately, but every day I got to school and we were supposed to have a class together, I checked if he was there, but was disappointed each time, since he wasn’t. There was a special kind of humor we shared. I don’t think anyone else getting into a conversation we shared when we were the only ones around, would get a fucking thing about what we were talking about and why we were laughing. We’ve been going to the same school for 12 years now. We’ve been in each others social groups for most of that time. He’s been one of my best friends for 5 of them. So yes, it’s hard for me to know that I won’t see him that much anymore, and perhaps never, since he can’t keep track of his appointments and what he’s really doing.

People mix up our names at school. You were something special. You were something else. I hope we’ll meet again, old friend. And good luck at your new school.

That’s The Time You Must Keep On Trying, Smile, What’s The Use Of Crying?

Title: Nat King Cole – Smile (originally composed by Charlie Chaplin)

This song reminds me a lot of today. Mainly because we heard about and listened to it in my history lesson today. I like having history. Our history teacher knows a lot about music and movies, and I like hearing about that, so I like it when he goes off track of what he was talking about and starts talking about music or movies or something completely different that’s fascinating. Also, I like how he rules the class with an iron fist, striking hard on those that rather watches their computers than paying attention to him. I mean, he’s interesting and he’s basically telling you EVERYTHING you need to know for every history test and it’s just to listen and you’ll understand and get SO many things!

To another aspect of today, I’ve had a “personal driver” today, really. One of my best friends got his driver’s licence yesterday, so he drove me to school and from school today. We did actually have all the same classes today, so perhaps not THAT strange, especially since he lives two houses from me, but still cool. We had history first, which I’ve already mentioned, and then we had a lesson of the old mother tongue, where we were supposed to make a PowerPoint presentation…but that went…to hell. Then we had an extended lesson in gymnastics, where I could not participate because I still haven’t skipped back from yesterday, so I’m still very much tired and can’t really stand doing anything, because I get tired right away.

Oh, and earlier today, I posted a post with my cell phone. Hope it’s okay that I sometimes do that as well. I’ll make a category called Mobile or something to have those kinds of posts in them.

But to the REALLY great news of today: I’M GONNA SLEEP OVER AT MY GIRLFRIEND’S TOMORROW! FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! We’ve slept over before, but never AT HER HOUSE. We’ve either been at my place or on a slight vacation. I’m REALLY looking forward to sleeping over at her’s. AND! Tomorrow we’ve been together for 20 MONTHS!!!!!! THAT’S a LONG time to be together! And as everyone says: “ESPECIALLY at YOUR age!”

Question: What’s the longest relationship you’ve ever been in?