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Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

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Title: Frank Zappa – Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

Why did I stop listening to Frank Zappa?:

This is a question I asked myself earlier today, and found I didn’t know why. I listened to him at ALL time about 3/4 of a year ago, and listened him up to a 3d place in my, but then I suddenly stopped and haven’t heard a single song by him afterwards. And no matter how hard I try to remember, I can’t remember quite exactly what the reason was. I sometimes do this thing. I lose memories of things that have been important to me earlier or later on. For example can I not remember Alexander in 8th grade, though he was one of my best friends in 9th grade, 10th grade and before 8th grade as well. I’ve tried to remember SOMETHING, just having seen him, but I can’t. Not because he wasn’t present in the classroom, but because I just can’t.

Why I keep forgetting things like this, I don’t know. I’m not sure if I want to start listening again or not, but some things I can not redo or undo…or actually, most things you can’t undo. You can just make up for it or try to prevent it from going further.

-“You might find a metaphor in everything” me

You’ll Belong To Me, I’ll Belong To You

Title: Slim WhitmanIndian Love Call

The title of today’s post is really representative of today, because I’ve probably heard it 50 times. NOT because it’s good, but because of a reason you’d know if you’ve seen “Mars Attacks!” and I got the people I hung out with today to dig it, so we’ve been singing it out loud so fucking loud everywhere and played it in the hallways and such. We HAVE got strange stares, yes!

Today was also the day my TASCAM DP-008 FINALLY arrived, and it’s working ALL fine! I just had to figure out HOW to record…that’s kinda the point of it, so would suck NOT to be able to do so. My day at school started with us watching “Hamlet” (the movie that stars Mel Gibson), then I had an hour of nothing, which I spent listening to Slim Whitman, Woody Guthrie and MANY MANY other weird and great things. I then had chemistry, where we didn’t really do much, and then was IT, which was fun as always. We are making animated flies, but they always turn out REALLY ugly and dysfunctional.

Tomorrow’s a day that might remind me of some shitty stuff, but I don’t think it’ll drag me down, because I’m not doing too bad lately, to be quite honest with you. I’m doing mighty fine, actually, and school is just fun with my selection of lessons and it’s just…great, really. In ten days, it’s actually two years since I made my first really serious blog that went REALLY well, so that’s kinda cool. It’s in Norwegian, though and it’s not really working out anymore, because what I became famous for it with is no longer something of a topic to blog about.

Song of the post: Slim Whitman – Indian Love Call

Album of the post: HIM – Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice

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