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If you want to expand your mind…

I just thought up a genius idea! At least it is to me. What if I made an arrangement, where all of you saved up about…£5 each month or each week, and then I told you something you ought to get for that price or less! What do you all think of it?

Most of the time, it would probably be like a CD or a DVD at, where they don’t charge you for shipping. It would be a great way to expand your collection and expand your taste and knowledge.

Let me know and get back to me. I could just do like a post a week where I recommended an item and told you a bit about it and so on.

I guess you can sort of call the whole idea for a “purchase club”, just like there are book clubs and so on.

I’m The Air You Breath, The Food You Eat

Title: The Doors – The Changeling

Photo by me

The photo was taken while I was listening to and recording in to my computer, the album “McCartney” by Paul McCartney. I liked the album more than I expected to, so that was quite a nice surprise. It’s always better when you like an album better than you think you’ll do, than worse than you think you’ll do, especially if it’s an album you’ve gained a lot of expectations to before listening through it, or you’ve listened through it once several years ago and liked it then, but didn’t like it as well as you remembered when you listen to it again years afterwards. That’s happened to me quite a few times.

I’ve been spending this day watching “The Searchers” (my first John Wayne movie), reading about The Doors and the final days of Jim Morrison‘s life (through the magazine “Classic Rock Magazine“, which I faithfully reads and buys quite often) and that’s about it. I’m trying to get well again, which takes some time, but I’m at least better today than I were yesterday. There’s one good thing though, and that is that this sickness came THIS weekend, since my girlfriend was otherwise occupied anyways now, so it’s okay that I couldn’t meet her and that I can’t be a lot on my computer. Or at least more okay, that is.

Just shortly, let me tell you that you should REALLY be getting the two last albums by the ORIGINAL Doors, “Morrison Hotel” and “L.A. Woman“. I like the “Hotel” better than “L.A. Woman”, and seems to be quite alone in that opinion, but they’re both essential albums, especially if you like blues rock and the voice and sound of The Doors. Or if you just like classic rock and want something by The Doors.

I’m thinking of getting me some CD’s soon, but I’m not quite sure which ones to buy. It’s not always easy to know when you’ve got a very diverse taste, because there’s almost always too many CD’s I want, and so I have to use a lot of time to figure out EXACTLY which CD’s I’ll get this time, and which ones’ll be left behind for that time. Some CD’s end up never being bought, despite my want for them, but it’s a different wanting than for others, perhaps. It’s like that for the two first solo albums by Iggy Pop (“The Idiot” and “Lust For Life”) for example. Some things can even in the end become something you forgot why you wanted in the first place.

I’ll leave you to it then, and hope you’re all having a GREAT weekend!