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I cannot remember the last time I felt this lonely. Usually when I’m not able to talk too much with Emma, I can at least get in touch with some long lost friend to talk to, but it doesn’t feel like it tonight. And it feels like “loneliness” has become, or rather, always has been, a central word in my life. I don’t feel too bad about it though, but I have a hard time today with finding out what MY purpose here is. And I haven’t been able to kill that train of thought today either.

That’s probably why I’m here again. I feel better writing in English about hard things. Or loneliness, despite feeling more alone in the English world than in the Norwegian. It just feels closer to my heart to talk and think and express myself in English, rather than in Norwegian.


Cold, school, Johnny Cash, live albums and more

When did I last post now? Who knows and who reads and who cares, really. I’m sick, that’s probably why I’m not much here. Sick, but “in action” as you might say. Still keeping in school. People do get disgusted by me clearing my nose in one of my many paper tissues though, so I try not to do that too much. My mouth is very dry lately from breathing through it all the time instead of my nose. It’s making me thirsty, without actually wanting to drink anything. That’s annoying and irritating…if there’s a difference between the two.

Funny thing I just discovered: I’ve added a bookmark to the “Add new post” on my WordPress to make me post more often. Working much? Can’t really try to defend that statement. (Now I have to go clean my nose. Back again.) There should be an option to write little comments on the side of my posts. I’d write down what song I was listening to all the time, so that you could see what I was listening to. I’m just listening to Johnny Cash‘s “At Folsom Prison” (all the way through) now. Lovely piece of music. Can’t think of a better live album, really. I mean…Nirvana’s “MTV Unplugged In New York” is REALLY great as well, but it’s more great for when you’re sad, not all of the time. This album is good for all occasions, I think.

What Goes On In Your Life?


Image by JFithian via Flickr

Title: The BeatlesWhat Goes On

(“Rubber Soul” is an album you should have in your collection…which is really what goes for every The Beatles album, though, so just get the box “The Beatles In Stereo” and you should thank me for the rest of your life)

How long has it been now? It’s been 12 days already, actually. Well, that’s quite…something. I did in fact write a post…in a way, on my cell phone, but it hasn’t got the e-mail address for WordPress and it hasn’t got WiFi, so I haven’t thought too much about it anyways. It’s more of an essay in a way than a blog post, but hey, everything counts, right?

The main problem with using songs by The Beatles as titles on my posts, is that WordPress only suggest me to apply Beatles tags and Beatles pictures into the post! AND I WANT NORMAL PICTURES OF EVERYDAY THINGS! But hey, I COULD just go to Wikipedia and find it myself, though, couldn’t I?

Have you ever tried to search for “Wikipedia” on Wikipedia? I hadn’t until now, but that’s an article as well! Guess it’s the first they made. Probably is their “About” page as well as the article page. I linked Wikipedia to that article above now, so go there and have a look! I’ll wait……………DID YOU LOOK? Well, it’s not important anyway now, is it?

HAHA! Now I found the PERFECT picture for this post! Hope you like it! NO IDEA what it is, but it was just so very…random. I just HAD to use it! THAT’S EVERYDAY LIFE FOR YOU RIGHT THERE, PEOPLE! We need more of that kind of things. Less murder, more…love and tasting things.

Well, now I’m just blabbering, but at least I’ve started posting again , haven’t I? At least I posted now, let’s see how much more I’ll post in short time. Perhaps a lot, perhaps…nothing. I think I use a very verbal language in my posts.


What is your most treasured music album in your collection? Give me the name of the artist, the album, which format you have it in, and why you treasure THAT album so much.

December 8

Cover of "Christmas In the Heart"

Cover of Christmas In the Heart

Seems like I’m posting about every third day. It’s not on purpose. I’ve just been a lot busy or sick or haven’t been on my computer or haven’t felt like posting. But least of all the last option. It’s mainly because I haven’t been able to, though I might start using my phone for my calendar!


Well, today, it’s ALREADY the EIGHT of December! That’s a bit…CRAZY! It’s true as someone said in my class just the other day “When I was little, December seemed to last forever, but now, it just flies by so all too quickly”. Those are some wise words. I’ll throw in “Philosophy” as a category for this post for those words!


Sorry for not posting ANYTHING that’s not December related lately, but it’s important to understand that it’s soon Christmas (or some other holiday, I’m not Christian myself, so I’m not REALLY supposed to celebrate it, but hey, I’m not part of a religion that’s against other religions, and this is also tradition, so, I do as I want to!)!


Bob Dylan released a Christmas album called “Christmas In The Heart” (see picture in this post) last year. That title is probably not all coincidental. It’s probably been made up from the fact of that it’s not REALLY the gifts, or the food, or the music or the…whatever else that counts, it’s about CARING for others, and all that LOVE! (And about being on the height of darkness, and therefore celebrating that it’ll only be lighter and lighter each day from there on.)


NOT MANY DAYS LEFT! I’m a bit stressed myself, but I think I’ll do good this year as well. If just that post service would work right soon…


Have you bought and fixed all the gifts you’re giving this year yet?

And There Are No Truths Outside The Gates Of Eden

Title: Bob DylanGates Of Eden

I’ve listened to this song a lot of times today. Somehow, it got into my brain and got stuck, and so I had to find out what song it was, since I had no idea whatsoever other than it being a Bob Dylan song.

But yeah, other than that, it’s snowed today (and the night till today), and it’s been settling, so that’s a good thing (in my eyes, since I like snow, and I think it brightens up the world a bit).

Question: What’s the last Bob Dylan song you listened to?

The World Is Turning, I Hope It Don’t Turn Away

Title: Neil Young – On The Beach


I feel like I can’t really be satisfied lately. No matter what I do, am I still just chasing for something more. It’s like nothing’s really exiting. I guess the title should’ve been The Rolling Stones’I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” then, but I’m listening to this song now, and I feel like it’s pretty good for me right now. It feels like I can’t really do anything exactly right lately either. To quote Neil Young yet again: “Why do I keep fucking things up?”.


What the hell I’m supposed to do with my life is a hard question lately. I want to be an artist, but in a way do I not see any reason to. For the first time in my life, I’ve understood and actually has a wanting to become a monk. But I’m not going to become one. I’ve chosen a different life from that.


I want to be with my girlfriend. I really do believe she is to be my wife sometime and that we’ll be together for the rest of our lives. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking I’m so young I don’t know what I want yet, and that we might be together for the wrong reasons. But we’re not together because we both love a song or something like that. We’re together because…well, for my sake, it’s because to me, she’s so perfect, it’s like she’s customized for me by a higher power or something, and she helps me in SO many ways, which she’ll never fully understand, and she’s the only one I feel like I can talk to about everything and the only one I feel like everything’s…perfect with. She’s perfect for me in so many ways, I’m not going to tell you all the reasons, because it would be all too long of a post and I’m almost certain I’d forget something.


Photo taken by me


Jeg elsker deg, jenta mi ❤

I Want You So Bad, Honey, I Want You

Title: Bob DylanI Want You

I’m listening to some Dylan now. It’s been a lot of months since last time, but it’s good to be back at being able to listen to him (something I can’t with Frank Zappa in a year or two of reasons) again. “Ballad Of A Thin Man” is still a song I can’t REALLY figure out, “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again” is still a favorite and “Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat” is a great bluesy song. To think of all these songs being made in ’65/’66 is hard to picture when you listen to the others that were making music back then. Dylan has become a great name for a reason (but it’s not his voice or harmonica playing, to be quite honest with you, though they suit HIS music).

And people, I LOVE the new feature on WordPress. It’s the reason why there’s like a thousand links on every post I make lately, because it’s so easy that it’s just one press of a button. Zemanta is the name of the feature (I think…). It really is cool.

Other than Dylan, I’ve been in a sort of Paul McCartney-mood as well today, which I rarely is, because…well, I just ain’t it that often. But EVERYONE should hear “Here Today” by Paul McCartney from the 1982 album called “Tug Of War” (a great album all together, really, which I’m lucky enough to have on vinyl). It’s the song dedicated to John Lennon after his death and really made because of Paul’s grief to the death of his dear friend John.

Photo by me, of me


Have you heard “Here Today”? And either way if you’ve heard it before or just listened to it NOW (it’s like two minutes long), what did you think of it? (Press the name “Here Today” above to get to the song on YouTube. Great quality of the sound there as well!)

But You’ll Have To Have Them All Pulled Out After The Savoy Truffle

Title: The Beatles – Savoy Truffle

This is Mr. Genious. He was created by me

If I could only bring ONE album with me on an island, it would be “The Beatles” by The Beatles. Not because it’s the world’s best album, not because it’s MY favorite album, not because it’s the best Beatles’ album, but because of the VARIETY! It’s so varied, that it would have to be that one. But I’m gonna make a list now of which ten albums I’d choose if I had to choose only ten albums to bring on an island now.

1. The Beatles – The Beatles

2. Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley

3. Nirvana – MTV Unplugged In New York

4. The Rolling StonesLet It Bleed

5. Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited

6. Syd BarrettThe Madcap Laughs

7. T. Rex – Electric Warrior

8. Garden State Soundtrack

9. The ClashLondon Calling

10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Electric Ladyland

And there’s SO many I HAD to leave out of the list, but I think I got the ones that are the most essential to me.

Now, which ten albums would YOU have chosen?