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Windows Live Writer

I’m pretty much just writing to you now to let you know I’ve started using Windows Live Writer for this blog, which’ll hopefully give me more willpower to post. I’ve also done some thinking about my blogs, and will probably try to be more active from now on, so you try to do the same right back at me, alright?


Also considering making a new blog eventually that’ll be more of a newspaperish blog, but we’ll see what will come of the idea. Most likely it’ll just vanish in the wind, but it would be cool and maybe lead to a job some day.


There Is No Way To Say It All

Title: Sondre Lerche – Say It All

I’m sorry I’ve been basically dead these last few weeks to you, but it just haven’t really felt like much fun returning to WordPress. There seems to be quite a few problems with trying to run at least three blogs at the same time and make them all interesting (and good looking). It would be so much easier if I had a way of making at least two of them communicating together, so that if I was to post on one of them, it would automatically be sent to the other as well. But so far, I haven’t had the brains to figure out how to do so between WordPress and Blogger successfully.

Another reason it’s not that fun returning to my blogs, is the problem with my lacking of Google AdSense. I’d probably blog like hell if I had that again. Sadly, they just won’t reopen my account or open for the possibility of me making another/new account. I tried sending them an e-mail last summer, but they have yet to reply… And God damn it, how can you reach the biggest company in the world? Why can’t Yahoo! or someone have like a “Yahoo! Sense Ad” or something?

Anyone knows how to help with my problem? Please reply “No” if you don’t, so I’ll know at least someone’s read about my problem

Connecting Blogger and WordPress might’ve been a mistake. It fucked up my categories here on WordPress. Suddenly, all my tags from Blogger has been imported as categories here. That sucks balls. Hard. I don’t want “Billy Idol” as a category on my WordPress for crying out loud! I wanted there to be few categories, but strong ones. But hell, you’ll all probably get that they’re not to be there.

I’m being told I should get an a-Ha album by my dad now. Apparently, they’re the biggest thing Norway’s produced. I’m not disagreeing, but I’m disagreeing to his lack of understanding to see that Turbonegro has made quite a fucking career outside the borders of Norway as well. Other notable Norwegians: Röyksopp (why don’t they spell it “Røyksopp” as supposed to?) and Sondre Lerche, I guess. I believe those are the biggest Norwegians in the outside border.

There’s an album for y’all to get! It’s got some of the greatest hard ass songs I know of. “Get It On” is an essential song to any record collection, in my opinion.