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iPhone 4S: S is for Siri

So has the day come. The day many of you, at least those of you who’s found my name by looking at Linux sites and alike, would never think would come in my case. Yes, today is the day I became an owner of an iPhone. The 4S version.

Now, many of you then ask “Why?”. A lot of people have asked me just this already. Why would I, a happy Android user who keeps posting about Linux – Ubuntu, Linux Mint and JoliOS in particular – choose to go with an iPhone now?

My last phone was a Samsung Galaxy 551. I got it because I wanted Android and I wanted keyboard, but not the little ones that came with Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro or whatever their names are. To begin with, I was quite happy, but eventually, I had questions and problems and it turned out one thing: It wasn’t easy to get the help I needed. It also eventually turned out, that it doesn’t matter how much external memory you can add to one of these phones, it WILL EAT UP your internal memory no matter what and then make you beg of it to be able to install a single new app on it.

Android may very well have been based upon the idea and concept of Linux to begin with, but it has moved away from it. Far away from it. It is not free and is not open source. It has just become another mobile OS with some slight features that are closer related to Linux than OSX. After all, UNIX is where all of these really originate from.

Now, I know what people may comment to something I said earlier in this post. I could just try to root my Android phone and then I can do all sorts of things with it. And I did. And that was really the beginning to a very rapid process to hard bricking my phone. I tried installing a new ROM on it and did a backup and bang, it turned black. And, as I said earlier, it was problematic to find help in a situation with my phone, so I had to latch on to some very tight straws. It didn’t help (yet), and so I had to make peace with the fact of that I had to get myself a new phone.

A week later or so, I ordered myself an iPhone 4S. I had been investigating quite a lot, trying to find the perfect phone, but in the end, I had to realize that there was actually not ONE perfect phone for me. There were several. A BlackBerry with Norwegian keys would be perfect for me. An Android with loads of internal memory and a built-in keyboard would be perfect for me. I even wondered if I should get myself a Windows Phone. But I ended up with iPhone. Why? It doesn’t have a keyboard, it isn’t Android, it’s Apple, which I have seemed to be quite a lot against. So why?

The fact is, I’ve been distorting my own view. You see, my original view is to have an open mind about all platforms. Try to be open to what is the best, and I have failed. This, I believe, has come from me seeing Apple as the most money-draining capitalistic company which delivers OS systems that are just better looking than what you get for free for more money than a complete Windows 7 computer (which you can run both Linux and Windows on). That, and the fact of that I’m a huge Beatles-fan, so Beatles being against Apple MAY have had SOME effect on me as well.

But now I have to realize it. Siri is fun. iPhone is quite fun, and it’s the biggest community out there. Because it’s the only phone that is being sold in billions of copies in the same version. Sure, there are variations such as iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but they are all just based on top of the previous model. This makes it easy to find thousands of others who has experienced the same problems which you may have seen. It also makes it easy to find out what to stay away from and what to try. And of course, you get loads of fun accessories.

Now, there is one open thread here (which I can think of) that I have yet not answered. And I will answer it now. What about the keyboard? I am still not willing to 100% compromise with having to deal with touch only. Therefore I have ordered this off of eBay: A wireless keyboard for the iPhone 4/4S which is available in black and white and which connects through Bluetooth.

iPhone Siri IS fun!


Installing Linux on your Android?!

Today, I was searching my Android phone’s Market, to find out if there was a client of Pidgin released for it. It wasn’t, but when searching, I came across something called a “Linux Installer” from Galoula. This seems interesting, but I’m not sure whether my phone (with its tiny internal memory card) can run this, both because of the tine internal memory card it has and because I’m not sure if this is meant for the Market version for phones, and not exclusively to 4.0 tablets or something.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I’m sick of…


Title: Bob Dylan – Lovesick (from Time Out Of Mind)

I’m in a really bad shape right now. Can’t breathe through my nose, got some fever, got a terrible throat, I’m hurting over a lot of places and the thought of food makes me wanna throw up. Good plan to stick to the bed today? Indeed!

And when in bed on such a fine day, with an android phone that’s connected to a good working wifi, I tend to use it a lot. Therefore, I’m also Pressing now! How about that. It’s been a long time. At least since a very good and long note.

My 19th birthday was, as I told you here, on Friday. The first gift I received was a gift certificate for a brand new computer! And that was very well needed, for one of my main reasons for not pressing lately, is my lack of my own computer. Yesterday I found the computer I wanted and it was bought briefly after it was found. I used it almost all of yesterday, and it works very well!

I’m not sure if I can tell you about all the other gifts, but I can say that Emma, my adorable girlfriend, gave me A LOT of presents! I think I must’ve been a VERY good boy to receive that many gifts from her!
If I’ve been permitted/she wants me to, I’ll post what I got in a later post.

That’s about what I had to say right now. I’ll get back to you if I can come up with more things. It is in fact possible to post several times in one day. I used it quite a lot in September of ’08.

I’ll just find and upload a picture to you now, and then I’ll be off and try to relax some more. Taking it easy, trying to get better. Just “ordered” breakfast. Lol. I know, I don’t usually “lol”, but it was suitable here.

I May Be Paranoid, But Not An Android

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Title: Radiohead – Paranoid Android


I figured that THIS was the title I SHOULD have used on my previous post! I mean, it’s got the word “ANDROID” in it!!!!! How can it be better than that? Guess I forgot my mind somewhere…gotta let Pixies find it (musical reference…the REAL alternative rock, because there was a time when that was really a genre and not just something you called EVERYTHING that was rock, band (the) Pixies have a song called “Where Is My Mind?” on their debut album “Surfer Rosa” from 1988, and on another note, that band is really the biggest influence on Nirvana’s album “Nevermind” and people have several times said that “Nevermind” is the Pixies album that Pixies never made, because it’s SO much alike Pixies’ style). That was a long insertion, don’t you think? And now I linked a lot of the things as well. Well, well, you gotta learn something sometimes, don’t you?


Today I was at school again for the first time in one week and two days, and though I had quite a short day, I’m so exhausted I barely have the energy to talk to people and to sit up and pay attention to things. Considering going to sleep now, because I think I may have slept little tonight. I couldn’t fall asleep tonight, and I didn’t sleep a lot in the morning either, so I’ve slept about…5-6 hours, maybe? Somewhere around that.


How did you like the previous post, by the way? I made it with my Android, but haven’t checked it out yet myself. You know what? I SHOULD check it out, so hold on, and let me check it now! … Seems quite nice, doesn’t it? The picture was just taken to have a picture in the post as well, and since I wasn’t dressed and isn’t very comfortable with uploading pictures of me to begin with, I took one of my towel. I don’t like to post pictures of me, because I sometimes tend to open up a bit much on my blog, and so I don’t want everyone to be able to find me as easy as nothing, so therefore I try to keep a slight distance from pictures of me and information that makes people from my reality able to find me easily. But some people I trust enough to actually tell them about this blog and such things. I keep different aliases because sometimes one of my aliases have been found by too many people, and so anyone can basically find me. I have one alias that’s sort of a “bait alias” for everyone, because it’s been discovered by so many people, I don’t even care anymore. But both me and my girlfriend knows of all of my aliases, because her I trust.


I’m gonna try to post more here now. REALLY! After all, now I’ve got a handy little phone with a handy little app that makes posting easier than anything basically, so if I’m bored and/or find something to write about, I can do it pretty good anywhere! And then I can save it as a draft if I’m out of cash to upload it with if I’m not nearby an open WiFi. Also, I might be uploading more pictures and maybe even videos, because I think it’s really easy to do so with it. I’ll try to find you some cool and pretty pictures. Maybe I’ll even sometimes just post to post a picture or a video? Who knows?


Maybe I should start using YouTube more as well. But the problem is: What should I really do on YouTube? I have no idea what I should upload to YouTube that I can’t upload other places. Maybe I should be a guru, trying to teach YouTubers everything I know or can think of a way of teaching away at least. We’ll see what I’ll do, but I don’t really think I’ll go to YouTube, because though it’s a huge platform, I really can’t see what I REALLY need to be there for yet. Then again, am I REALLY needed here?

I’ve Got Some News For You


Title: Robyn – Fembots (or something like that…thought that song would fit for Android news)

Well, now I finally have my Android phone, and it’s pretty much like I expected, which is REALLY great!
Some things don’t have the official clients I was hoping for, but there are some decent options as replacements for them.

This post is in fact mostly made to find out what it’s like to post to WordPress and whether I can save drafts or not.

The phone I’ve got is a Samsung Galaxy 551, and so far am I super happy with it! It’s really great and suits me very well! I was wishing for an HTC Desire Z, but it was a bit too expensive, so I guess you can call this “the cheaper option” of it.

And if you’re wondering: yes, I could save a post as a draft!