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Why not write?

Well, this was more fun than I remembered it. So I think I’ll continue it. What is your platform of choice? WordPress or Blogger? I guess mine is WordPress, though it is filled with stuff that frustrates hatred out of me. Such as how limited your controls are on your own page, unless you spend a lot of money. Damn my ulcers. I keep on biting them when I yawn. Especially the one down to the left. Then it hurts and I wanna swear. But I don’t, because I know it’s no use. Even I can’t hear me. I listen to Dylan. “The Times They Are A-Changin'”, as you may have figured from the last post. “With God On Our Side” now. It’s quite a marvelous album. I like it a lot, though I do tend to listen to his electric period rather than his utter folk period. It is just much more interesting about the studio productions in the electric stuff. The acoustic was just him. And it’s not very hard to understand how to make the sounds. Maybe some overlaying. But it’s really all acoustic. Guitar. Harmonica. Vocals. No processed sound other than perhaps some compression here and there. Pop-filter. Etc.


Now I’m going to bed. But that doesn’t mean I won’t write anymore. I have WordPress on my cell phone. Does anyone say “cell phone” anymore?

The Times They Are A-Changin’

And they are. I tell you now, they are. At least from my perspective, they are. Change is in the air and in life. And I am sick.


Seriously, I am. I have the flu or something. Annoying as can be, as I had plans for this week other than just staying at home and going to work. Oh, by the way, I’ve got a job now! It’s as a temporary for whichever post office needs me in my area. So it’s a day-to-day work.


And I’ve gotten some sores in my mouth. Ulcers, I guess its called. One at the bottom left and one at the top right. So I feel like a disco dancer with my tongue watching out for the two of them.


I haven’t been much active as Sonic Lizzz lately. No, that’s wrong. I haven’t been active lately as anything, really. No Twitter within any language, any account or any device. No blogs. No writing. Period. I’ve been busy dealing with my own shit. I’ve started a new job, and I’m working on the side as well with my own projects. And when I sit here in the end on my computer, I feel less compelled and tempted into writing or doing anything productive. In any case, I’ll research. Maybe I don’t take the time to live as much now.


But I did bake a cake tonight, so I guess life is being lived whether I work or not. I will go on and be myself. It seems no cage can hold me completely down. Only limit my height.


I like my guitar.


I woke up later than I thought I did today. It bugs me when I think it’s earlier than it is. Sometimes also when it’s later than it is. Just because then I can’t perhaps start the day already as I thought I could anyway.


I wanted to write. I probably got up quite a lot faster than I would because I wanted to write. And because I had to pee, in all honesty. I brought my slim netbook with me to the bathroom, and found out I could station it here till tonight. Unless I have company. Then I have to remove it. I won’t be sitting around, writing a lot when in company. I never do. It’s not that I don’t have the option, but most of the time I try, I just can’t. I can’t figure out what to write, damn less how to. In addition to bringing the computer downstairs with me, I brought my iPhone, its charger and “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac. I’m trying to read it lately, but it seems it’s going quite slowly. 10 pages in more than one week is quite slowly. But there’s something about it that attracts me as well. And inspires me to write too. So I want to write lately.


Now I should get up and do something of the day. Good day.

I sort of stumbled upon this when I was visiting WordPress today and I think it’s quite the informative post, so I thought I’d try to “reblog” it. Never tried before, so I’m not sure how it looks, but do read through this thing.

Get Write Down To It

While texting was technically invented in the early nineties, it only started to gain widespread popularity in the last six years (or so).  For five out of those six years, I was perched high atop my soapbox, proclaiming that texting would be the death of all meaningful human interaction.  If someone had handed me a megaphone, I would have shouted, “Why don’t you people ever talk to each other anymore?!”

As a writer, I also saw texting as a personal affront to the written word.  Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure were all scrapped in favor of the English language’s newborn bastardized son – the short message service (SMS), also called text speak; a language full of acronyms, abbreviations, and numerical inserts.  So, it seemed texting was not only replacing our meaningful face-to-face interactions and phone calls, it was also responsible for creating an entire generation of crappy writers.


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iPhone 4S: S is for Siri

So has the day come. The day many of you, at least those of you who’s found my name by looking at Linux sites and alike, would never think would come in my case. Yes, today is the day I became an owner of an iPhone. The 4S version.

Now, many of you then ask “Why?”. A lot of people have asked me just this already. Why would I, a happy Android user who keeps posting about Linux – Ubuntu, Linux Mint and JoliOS in particular – choose to go with an iPhone now?

My last phone was a Samsung Galaxy 551. I got it because I wanted Android and I wanted keyboard, but not the little ones that came with Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro or whatever their names are. To begin with, I was quite happy, but eventually, I had questions and problems and it turned out one thing: It wasn’t easy to get the help I needed. It also eventually turned out, that it doesn’t matter how much external memory you can add to one of these phones, it WILL EAT UP your internal memory no matter what and then make you beg of it to be able to install a single new app on it.

Android may very well have been based upon the idea and concept of Linux to begin with, but it has moved away from it. Far away from it. It is not free and is not open source. It has just become another mobile OS with some slight features that are closer related to Linux than OSX. After all, UNIX is where all of these really originate from.

Now, I know what people may comment to something I said earlier in this post. I could just try to root my Android phone and then I can do all sorts of things with it. And I did. And that was really the beginning to a very rapid process to hard bricking my phone. I tried installing a new ROM on it and did a backup and bang, it turned black. And, as I said earlier, it was problematic to find help in a situation with my phone, so I had to latch on to some very tight straws. It didn’t help (yet), and so I had to make peace with the fact of that I had to get myself a new phone.

A week later or so, I ordered myself an iPhone 4S. I had been investigating quite a lot, trying to find the perfect phone, but in the end, I had to realize that there was actually not ONE perfect phone for me. There were several. A BlackBerry with Norwegian keys would be perfect for me. An Android with loads of internal memory and a built-in keyboard would be perfect for me. I even wondered if I should get myself a Windows Phone. But I ended up with iPhone. Why? It doesn’t have a keyboard, it isn’t Android, it’s Apple, which I have seemed to be quite a lot against. So why?

The fact is, I’ve been distorting my own view. You see, my original view is to have an open mind about all platforms. Try to be open to what is the best, and I have failed. This, I believe, has come from me seeing Apple as the most money-draining capitalistic company which delivers OS systems that are just better looking than what you get for free for more money than a complete Windows 7 computer (which you can run both Linux and Windows on). That, and the fact of that I’m a huge Beatles-fan, so Beatles being against Apple MAY have had SOME effect on me as well.

But now I have to realize it. Siri is fun. iPhone is quite fun, and it’s the biggest community out there. Because it’s the only phone that is being sold in billions of copies in the same version. Sure, there are variations such as iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but they are all just based on top of the previous model. This makes it easy to find thousands of others who has experienced the same problems which you may have seen. It also makes it easy to find out what to stay away from and what to try. And of course, you get loads of fun accessories.

Now, there is one open thread here (which I can think of) that I have yet not answered. And I will answer it now. What about the keyboard? I am still not willing to 100% compromise with having to deal with touch only. Therefore I have ordered this off of eBay: A wireless keyboard for the iPhone 4/4S which is available in black and white and which connects through Bluetooth.

iPhone Siri IS fun!

Installing Linux on your Android?!

Today, I was searching my Android phone’s Market, to find out if there was a client of Pidgin released for it. It wasn’t, but when searching, I came across something called a “Linux Installer” from Galoula. This seems interesting, but I’m not sure whether my phone (with its tiny internal memory card) can run this, both because of the tine internal memory card it has and because I’m not sure if this is meant for the Market version for phones, and not exclusively to 4.0 tablets or something.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Gotta get ready!

Interview is in about three hours time! GOT TO GET READY!!!!!

Why can’t I stop crying (when you can).

Why can’t I stop crying (when you can)..

I really would like to know what it’s like to be able to just forget the whole night before upon waking up the day afterwards. It must be so soothing and good…

Down here in Nothingville Well…I feel

Down here in Nothingville

Well…I feel like a nothing, so I’m gonna call my place for this morning for Nothingville. I don’t really feel too good at the moment, which causes me to have problems doing everything I have to do within a brief moment of time now. I have to steady up quite nicely, because I think someone’s coming here to visit me today, but I’m not sure anymore. Last night may have changed it, though…I really don’t know.

I fell asleep crying last night. Kept bursting into tears, into my very dream. Didn’t want to wake up today. I was so happy in my dream. I was with Robert Plant, John Lennon and George Harrison. I do believe Paul McCartney was there somewhere as well, but I didn’t exactly hang out with him. There was a prequel to this part of the dream, but I do not recall it quite. I was happy there…

The interviews are over and my judge is:

The interviews are over and my judge is:

Well, of course, it’s not my saying that has the most to matter, really. If neither one cares to call me back for a follow-up interview (they both need it), it won’t have a damn to say which one I preferred. But for the record: it was the first job.

The second job interview I was at today was a group interview. That basically means, you’ll be one out of tens to sit in a meeting room around a big table and listen to a PowerPoint Presentation until it’s everyone’s turn to stand up and say something about themselves. That’s…not really something for me. The job itself was never more temptatious than the first one anyway, so it’s really all okay. I’d never guess they’ll call me back to say I got the job on that second one either. I’m more of a one-on-one kind of guy when it comes to interviews.