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I’m A Geek (Linux Mint)

Linux Mint

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Let’s just admit it right now. I’m a geek. I love geeky stuff. I like watching Star Wars movies, play with Linux, learn new things and just dig really deep in music history. Still, I’m not fully and completely a geek. I am other things as well, but let’s be honest: I’m a geek. Nerd. Whatever.

The reason I’m saying so now, is my choice of OS (operative system). I have a mini computer I’ve used the past month in my job. The last half of that month, I chose to use a little OS called Joli OS (formerly Jolicloud and the service it provides is still called Jolicloud). I had it running along Windows 7.

The little computer I have is a Packard Bell dot s. It was a demo computer, meaning it was cheaper for me than if I had gotten a “normal” one. I don’t know if you know how little this computer is, so I’ll tell you. It’s a 10,1″ screen and weights about 1 kilogram (briefly over that, I believe). The webcam included (by what I’ve tested it for taking pictures with) is working better than my Acer 17″ that is much MUCH more powerful in every way than the Packard Bell really is except for this little feature.

Now, I’m done with that job. It was a short job, and I knew it would only last one month. I was happy with using Joli OS, and was going to convert my mini computer into a “Jolibook”, but then I realized that our network connection at home is messing it up. Our network is a N-net with WPA2 security. This isn’t working well with things based on Ubuntu 10.04 (at least). This led me to keep away from this transformation, as it would be a real hassle a lot of the time.

But now I have turned my computer into a full Linux computer. Linux Mint. You never saw that coming, did you? I was even sniffing around on Fedora 16 (which I believe I was thinking of mostly because of its dedication to the late Dennis Ritchie, a man all of us really should be grateful for having lived) at a time, but I found their window management to be…falsely working for my needs. So I made a live USB with Linux Mint 11, and had it erase my old partitions and let it get my computer all to itself. And I must say: choice well made.

It’s based on Ubuntu, which means it’s got quite a lot of features which are already familiar to me. It’s easy to configure the way you want it to go. And it always lets you know whether your system is up to date or not (with something you as a former Windows user would associate with anti-virus programs…but you won’t need one when you’re a Linux user).

The only thing that annoys me with this is really the security. As a Linux user, I am used to my distros asking me a lot about me authorizing this and that, but what’s new here, is that when I get into this computer, I will need to unlock my WiFi! That’s annoying. That’s a waste of time. But still acceptable, as you’re still getting quicker into your system (with this included), than you do with Windows.

I’m not going to say this computer will stay being a Linux Mint, because I do like the idea of being allowed to change this one’s distro quite a lot, but we’ll see. Anything goes, right? But so far, I am satisfied. Loving the easy configurations, the working spaces, the design, the speed and…well…everything I’ve really tried with it so far!

If this sounds interesting to you too, but you don’t want to give up your Windows or Mac OS, then you CAN dual-boot with this! You may do this in several ways: You may simply go to their website, download the version that says something about “Windows Installer”, and here is your options coming up. Either, you can do as I do, and have a free 4 GB USB that you make into a “Live USB” (using UNetBootin) or you may use a tool for emulation, such as Daemon Tools Lite! Then you simply install it alongside your current operative system! Simple! There are probably TONS of more specific tutorials on how to do this (which I suggest you look into if this is interesting you).

Oh, and if you do not have the internet configurations I do, then you really should try Joli OS as well. Probably my favorite OS, and it’s probably the lightest I’ve ever tried!