Something must break

The Times They Are A-Changin’

And they are. I tell you now, they are. At least from my perspective, they are. Change is in the air and in life. And I am sick.


Seriously, I am. I have the flu or something. Annoying as can be, as I had plans for this week other than just staying at home and going to work. Oh, by the way, I’ve got a job now! It’s as a temporary for whichever post office needs me in my area. So it’s a day-to-day work.


And I’ve gotten some sores in my mouth. Ulcers, I guess its called. One at the bottom left and one at the top right. So I feel like a disco dancer with my tongue watching out for the two of them.


I haven’t been much active as Sonic Lizzz lately. No, that’s wrong. I haven’t been active lately as anything, really. No Twitter within any language, any account or any device. No blogs. No writing. Period. I’ve been busy dealing with my own shit. I’ve started a new job, and I’m working on the side as well with my own projects. And when I sit here in the end on my computer, I feel less compelled and tempted into writing or doing anything productive. In any case, I’ll research. Maybe I don’t take the time to live as much now.


But I did bake a cake tonight, so I guess life is being lived whether I work or not. I will go on and be myself. It seems no cage can hold me completely down. Only limit my height.


I like my guitar.

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