Something must break

Down here in Nothingville Well…I feel

Down here in Nothingville

Well…I feel like a nothing, so I’m gonna call my place for this morning for Nothingville. I don’t really feel too good at the moment, which causes me to have problems doing everything I have to do within a brief moment of time now. I have to steady up quite nicely, because I think someone’s coming here to visit me today, but I’m not sure anymore. Last night may have changed it, though…I really don’t know.

I fell asleep crying last night. Kept bursting into tears, into my very dream. Didn’t want to wake up today. I was so happy in my dream. I was with Robert Plant, John Lennon and George Harrison. I do believe Paul McCartney was there somewhere as well, but I didn’t exactly hang out with him. There was a prequel to this part of the dream, but I do not recall it quite. I was happy there…


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