Something must break

Ryan Adams & Mandy Moore

Usually, I don’t give a damn about Hollywood couples. What I mean is, I don’t care whether they stay together or split up or whatever. They are usually just something that exists, but I sort of see it as only another show they put on to get more fans or to give some drama for the gossip magazines to write about. But there is one couple I hope stay together. I didn’t realize I cared too much about this either before I just now googled them. When I saw them together, I really felt “wow…these two really should stay together!”. And, which you’ve probably already taken from the title, the couple is Ryan Adams and his wife, Mandy Moore.


I am a huge fan of Ryan Adams, and as most people know, music (and arts in general) tend to get better with heartaches. But I feel Ryan Adams have already suffered enough. He has put out so much music that is so heartfelt and seems to have been through tons of shit. And now he’s married. And the last album he released (“Ashes & Fire”) was actually one of the best albums he’s ever made (and his wife is singing in the background of one of the songs)!


(The picture is taken from so it seems it’s been uploaded by Perez Hilton)


I really wish all the best for this married couple. I hope they stay together for ever.

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