Something must break

Let Me Show You The World In My Eyes

Title: Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes


Sometimes here in life, you might think it’s a good idea to take a break from something. It might just happen by chance, or it may be a decision you’ve been thinking thoroughly through. Either way, the outcome may be, as predicted, a good idea to cut loose. Other times, you’re in the jam I believe to be in right now. I’m just so fucking tired of not having somewhere to be able to express all my frustration in.


I’ve come to this idea, that the longer you live, the worse are the kicks to your groin (figuratively speaking). They get harder and harder each and everytime, and when you think you’ve just recovered from the last one, then there is a new one coming right towards you.Lately, I’ve been in more of a screwdriver. It’s not so that the pain is instantly horrific, but it doesn’t end. It’s constantly there, and the longer it stays, the worse you’re feeling.


That’s really where you’ve got me now. It’s not that what I’m frustrated about is so much worse than anything I’ve felt before, but it’s the fact that it doesn’t come in one kick, just occassionally are there kicks towards my balls in this screwdriver. I’m so sick of all the nagging about having to rehearse more with my driving, the fact that my entire family seems to be following and asking each and every day how it’s going with my job hunting, how much my dad seems to interfere with my grades and just the fact of that EVERYTHING that my family seems to be talking to me about lately, is just nagging, nagging and more nagging about things I want to take breaks off from, but they just won’t fucking let me!


I feel like all this is just making me more and more tired, so though I’ve slept ten hours tonight, I still have a hard time doing anything today, because I’m so tired of everything. Being tired this way also makes me have a hard time enjoying ANYTHING! This is why I love spending time with my girlfriend lately, because she really can brighten up my day and make me enjoy something in life again. Not sure how (or if) I’d survive if she wasn’t there for me.


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