Something must break

Junko Partner

Oh, down the road came poor little Junco
Boys, he was loaded as he could be
The poor man was knocked out, knocked out and loaded
And he was wobblin’ all over the street.

I heard him singing six months ain’t no sentence
He said one year was not no time
He said he had friends still in Angola
Serving from fourteen to ninety-nine

You know, when he had plenty of money
He had a friend all over town
He says he’s been broke, dirty, and hungry
Not a single friend can be found

Well, a poor man pawned his white-handled pistol
Oh he bought, yeah, a diamond ring
He tried to pawn the woman he was lovin’
But the poor girl couldn’t sign her name

He said give him water when he gets thirsty
Tell him that water is mighty fine when you’re dry
Give him a tink, yeah, when he gets sickly
Give him the graveyard if he dies


This is the lyrics to Dr. John’s version of “Junko Partner”, but both Dr. John’s and The Clash’s versions are definitely worth listening to of this fine song. I haven’t heard any other versions yet, sadly, but I’ll try to listen to some more later today (like Professor Longhair, whose work I admire quite a lot)


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