Something must break

Wallpaper, jobs, English mock exams, and Google AdSense (please come back to me!)



I should probably change the wallpaper of my blog soon…oh well, I’ll do it whenever I find a new picture and whenever I remember it next time. I’m gonna blog quite briefly now, because…well, I’m really going to work with my English mock exam tonight and I’m also supposed to try to get some kind of job soon. The problem is just to find one that I should even care enough to apply for. Not because I don’t want a job, but because they all have some qualifications that I just don’t possess (for instance, a driver’s licence and certain education).


If I could choose, I’d probably work with a mix up between journalism and working with my music next year. That would be really great, but I doubt the chance will come around. If only Google AdSense hadn’t banned me, at least I’d have a shot at making money through their advertisements. Most of their contestants are either hard to get into, not that easy to get offers from or is just not really any good, it seems. I’ve had a hard time stumbling upon someone who’ll pay me a lot for advertising but Google. Therefore, you can imagine I’m quite pissed off at Google for not giving me my Google AdSense back.


Do let me know if you know of a way to get back into Google AdSense or if you know of another good way to make money through advertisement.


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