Something must break

Connecting Blogger and WordPress might’ve been a mistake. It fucked up my categories here on WordPress. Suddenly, all my tags from Blogger has been imported as categories here. That sucks balls. Hard. I don’t want “Billy Idol” as a category on my WordPress for crying out loud! I wanted there to be few categories, but strong ones. But hell, you’ll all probably get that they’re not to be there.

I’m being told I should get an a-Ha album by my dad now. Apparently, they’re the biggest thing Norway’s produced. I’m not disagreeing, but I’m disagreeing to his lack of understanding to see that Turbonegro has made quite a fucking career outside the borders of Norway as well. Other notable Norwegians: Röyksopp (why don’t they spell it “Røyksopp” as supposed to?) and Sondre Lerche, I guess. I believe those are the biggest Norwegians in the outside border.

There’s an album for y’all to get! It’s got some of the greatest hard ass songs I know of. “Get It On” is an essential song to any record collection, in my opinion.


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