Something must break

>Hey Hey

>I guess my main reason, like the really real reason, I don’t use Blogger that much anymore, is that I can’t see if I’ve got some new comments really easy here. There should be a way to fix that, though. Well, that, and the fact of that I’m a bit mad at Google for resigning my AdSense account, since I REALLY enjoyed having one of those. Now I’m getting advertisement from, and to be honest with you, it doesn’t pay well. Not many offers that come through to me. And Google ain’t open for discussion about my AdSense account either, so that’s crapperoony.

Anyone know of a good way for me to make me some money blogging? Or anyone wanna buy some advertising off of me? I’m up for sale, I guess.

All in all, I don’t post a lot anymore, but I’m gonna get better at blogging. I think I’m even doing this “double posting” thing now, so that two of my blogs are posting to each other, which would be superneat if it did.


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