Something must break

I’m only gonna make you love me more


Title: Ryan Adams – Gonna Make You Love Me (I hope I can)

I’m home from school today. I’m not sure if I could take this day even if I was in shape for it. It’s just so hard lately. I feel like all my plans, all my life and everything I have that I appreciate and wanted to have for ever aren’t mine anymore and they are all just going away. I thought this would happen two years ago, but now…Now I was getting very comfortable in my situation. Just as soon as things were getting more like they used to be. But I don’t know what’s happening anymore. I really don’t know. I hope things work themselves out for the better again. I hope I’m…a good enough boy for everything to solve themselves. A man I once tried to work for told me that everything solves themselves for good boys. I’ve always seen myself as a good boy. I hope he was right. I hope it will all be better soon.


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