Something must break

I’m sick of…


Title: Bob Dylan – Lovesick (from Time Out Of Mind)

I’m in a really bad shape right now. Can’t breathe through my nose, got some fever, got a terrible throat, I’m hurting over a lot of places and the thought of food makes me wanna throw up. Good plan to stick to the bed today? Indeed!

And when in bed on such a fine day, with an android phone that’s connected to a good working wifi, I tend to use it a lot. Therefore, I’m also Pressing now! How about that. It’s been a long time. At least since a very good and long note.

My 19th birthday was, as I told you here, on Friday. The first gift I received was a gift certificate for a brand new computer! And that was very well needed, for one of my main reasons for not pressing lately, is my lack of my own computer. Yesterday I found the computer I wanted and it was bought briefly after it was found. I used it almost all of yesterday, and it works very well!

I’m not sure if I can tell you about all the other gifts, but I can say that Emma, my adorable girlfriend, gave me A LOT of presents! I think I must’ve been a VERY good boy to receive that many gifts from her!
If I’ve been permitted/she wants me to, I’ll post what I got in a later post.

That’s about what I had to say right now. I’ll get back to you if I can come up with more things. It is in fact possible to post several times in one day. I used it quite a lot in September of ’08.

I’ll just find and upload a picture to you now, and then I’ll be off and try to relax some more. Taking it easy, trying to get better. Just “ordered” breakfast. Lol. I know, I don’t usually “lol”, but it was suitable here.


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