Something must break

I’ll Ramble On


Title: Led Zeppelin – Ramble On

I’ve actually been running twice today. It’s hard in this cold. I can feel I’m hurt when I breathe after having runned. Both times were to reach public transport. First a bus back to school and a few minutes ago to reach a train. I reached them both.

I’m tired today. Not so much sleepy as slightly exhausted from…lately, really. Not from anything but lacking some sleep because of myself. Hopefully it’ll soon get better.

Today was the day I finally caught up with twitter again. I love twitter, but I wanna be up to date with it if I’m going to use it. If you think I post too little here, follow me on twitter. It’s basically a mini-blog where I post rapidly what’s up. Not as long as on WordPress though.

I’ll soon be making a lot of changes on WordPress. Or perhaps you can call it additions rather than changes. I’ll add a lot of pages. Already started last night by adding Android as a page, where I’m working on sub-pages already. Worked on one for half an hour last night, but I was so very tired I had to take a break from it.


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