Something must break

Diary – Oh, how I miss your longing embrace



I’ve got to admit, I kinda do miss having a diary. I don’t miss the feeling of guilt unless I write in it, but I miss somewhere to keep track of which day a spesific day was and what I did what day and so on.

Maybe that’s what blogs in this modern life society are for? Maybe that’s why they’re so interesting? Because you get to view someone elses diary and it’s even allowed!

Anyways, I’m thinking of using WordPress more as a blog now than I’ve done in the past, and thereby also more like a diary. If someone don’t dig what I write, it will be edited away, if it’s about the person that’s complaining, but I’m going to try to keep it name-free…but I can’t promise anything, can I? I’ll do my best, though. Maybe y’all get codenames? Wouldn’t that be fun?


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