Something must break

I’ve Got Some News For You


Title: Robyn – Fembots (or something like that…thought that song would fit for Android news)

Well, now I finally have my Android phone, and it’s pretty much like I expected, which is REALLY great!
Some things don’t have the official clients I was hoping for, but there are some decent options as replacements for them.

This post is in fact mostly made to find out what it’s like to post to WordPress and whether I can save drafts or not.

The phone I’ve got is a Samsung Galaxy 551, and so far am I super happy with it! It’s really great and suits me very well! I was wishing for an HTC Desire Z, but it was a bit too expensive, so I guess you can call this “the cheaper option” of it.

And if you’re wondering: yes, I could save a post as a draft!


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