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What Goes On In Your Life?


Image by JFithian via Flickr

Title: The BeatlesWhat Goes On

(“Rubber Soul” is an album you should have in your collection…which is really what goes for every The Beatles album, though, so just get the box “The Beatles In Stereo” and you should thank me for the rest of your life)

How long has it been now? It’s been 12 days already, actually. Well, that’s quite…something. I did in fact write a post…in a way, on my cell phone, but it hasn’t got the e-mail address for WordPress and it hasn’t got WiFi, so I haven’t thought too much about it anyways. It’s more of an essay in a way than a blog post, but hey, everything counts, right?

The main problem with using songs by The Beatles as titles on my posts, is that WordPress only suggest me to apply Beatles tags and Beatles pictures into the post! AND I WANT NORMAL PICTURES OF EVERYDAY THINGS! But hey, I COULD just go to Wikipedia and find it myself, though, couldn’t I?

Have you ever tried to search for “Wikipedia” on Wikipedia? I hadn’t until now, but that’s an article as well! Guess it’s the first they made. Probably is their “About” page as well as the article page. I linked Wikipedia to that article above now, so go there and have a look! I’ll wait……………DID YOU LOOK? Well, it’s not important anyway now, is it?

HAHA! Now I found the PERFECT picture for this post! Hope you like it! NO IDEA what it is, but it was just so very…random. I just HAD to use it! THAT’S EVERYDAY LIFE FOR YOU RIGHT THERE, PEOPLE! We need more of that kind of things. Less murder, more…love and tasting things.

Well, now I’m just blabbering, but at least I’ve started posting again , haven’t I? At least I posted now, let’s see how much more I’ll post in short time. Perhaps a lot, perhaps…nothing. I think I use a very verbal language in my posts.


What is your most treasured music album in your collection? Give me the name of the artist, the album, which format you have it in, and why you treasure THAT album so much.


One response

  1. emma

    jadda, du trenger vel ikke eeeeegentlig mitt svar på spørsmålet her, men men.

    det er selvfølgelig “for emma, forever ago” av bon iver. og jeg har den på cd og vinyl. og jeg elsker det albumet så utrolig høyt fordi det er absolutt nydelig på alle måter og hver eneste sang er helt perfekt. jeg kan høre på det om jeg er sur, glad, forelska, lei meg, og det vil alltid være like nydelig uansett, bare på forskjellige måter. dette albumet er kanskje også så spesielt for meg nettopp fordi jeg titta gjennom albumer på uten mål og mening og stoppet opp ved akkurat dette albumet uten å vite noe om artisten eller musikken og bestemte meg der og da for å kjøpe det (det heter jo tross alt for emma, forever ago). dagen etter kjøpte jeg det. det er et absolutt perfekt album som gir meg så mange fine følelser og som betyr helt utrolig mye for meg.

    24/01/2011 at 23:53

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