Something must break

Been Dazed And Confused For So Long It’s Not True

Dazed and Confused

Image by Steve_C via Flickr

Title: Led ZeppelinDazed And Confused


It’s been a long time (since we rock’n’rolled). But seriously, yes it has. I made a post here the other day, but it worked better for another blog when I came a bit out on it, so therefore it wasn’t posted here. Also, I’m working a bit on another WordPress blog now, that will soon be advertised for here, but for now, it’s OH SO unfinished, that I couldn’t POSSIBLY do that! But in time, it will come. It’s going to be about music, which is really what I know here in life, so hopefully it’ll look, work and feel good, and you might actually like it and use it to gain information and such!


Other than that have I been kind of sick these two days, so I’m exhausted after having done most things today. That kind of sucks, but I’ve managed pretty well anyways. I’ve just forgot a few things from time to time today. But I think everything’s taken care of now. Otherwise, I’ll remember when I try to fall asleep. I wonder how many things I’ve remembered when doing so. Also is kind of a pain in the ass to go to sleep and being EXTREMELY exhausted when you’ve got OCD and your mind remembers that MAYBE your mattress is a BIT out of the bed and you TRY to ignore it, but you realize it’s a losing game, so you HAVE to get up and push it that one centimeter longer towards the wall. That’s a REAL pain in the ass!


Other than that, yesterday was mine and my girlfriend’s two year anniversary of being together! That’s quite huge in my world! So I’m really happy about having spent two years with the girl of my dreams! I think it’s quite long for our age as well. I love her more than anything else in the universe!



Does the new blog sound any interesting to you?


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