Something must break

Baby, Won’t You Keep Me Happy

A Christmas card from 1870

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Title: The Rolling StonesHappy


I like that song. I generally seems to like Rolling Stones’ songs where Keith sings. Also, I generally like it when Ringo sang in The Beatles. NO IDEA why, but those songs are in a way special to me. Especially “Act Naturally” and of course: “Honey Don’t“.


Well, I’m TERRIBLY sorry about the VERY long posting break, but you guys didn’t seem to like my idea of “a post a day till Christmas eve“, so I quit the idea. After all, no one commented on them!


I’m gonna try to get better again, but most likely, I’ll be WAY worse for a while now, before getting better at this. That’s most likely because I try to stay as much out of the computer as I can from Christmas eve on. I don’t like spending time here during Christmas. I feel like Christmas should be spent with your family and those that you’re surrounded by (which hopefully will include my girlfriend quite a lot this Christmas). And then I don’t like using my computer as in a way of putting up a shield to keep others away from me. Just so you all know.


Of course, I’ll try my best to get in here before Christmas eve hits the gifts to wish you all a VERY merry Christmas, but until then, I won’t say it, because it’s just not Christmas completely yet, you know?


What’s the most special thing that’s happened to you, related to Christmas, this year?


One response

  1. emma

    jeg elsker deg.


    du er altfor lite på pcen fra før av.



    elsker deg for det da.

    det mest spesielle? jeg får et søtt fint brev hver eneste dag som får meg til å smile og kile i magen.

    21/12/2010 at 00:43

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