Something must break

December 2


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GOSH DARN IT TO HELL! Is it THURSDAY already? AND is it ALREADY the second of December? Well…YEAH IT IS!


It’s just unbelievable!


NOW! Let us PRAY to the Gods of Weather, that there will be sunny and warm and melting weather the next days in the North and Western parts of Europe! ALL together now! PRAY LIKE YOU MEAN IT! We REALLY want this to happen, people, so COME ON!!!


Christmas is soon coming to town, and actually, IT IS already in town! I mean, look around you! There’s probably Christmas decoration EVERYWHERE you look! And still, it’s only the 2d of December today!


But, to quote another man of my country: “It’s not only only”, because it really isn’t just “only” 2d of December today! You see, this date is QUITE special! It is on this day TWO YEARS since I started talking to my girlfriend, and with an exception of the following Saturday from that day, we’ve talked together EVERY SINGLE DAY since! I think that’s something that can be a cause of celebration, so therefore, we do, in our own way, celebrate this lovely day!


It’s only 22 days left till Christmas eve now. Oh, by the way, unless noted by me, I just pick pictures from the media recommended for me, and there shouldn’t be any copy rights I’m breaking by doing so, because WordPress has told me so!


Who do you give presents to, besides your closest family?


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