Something must break

December 1

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

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Well, today, it’s the first of December, which almost is a good enough cause for me to change my habit of having songs in my title!


It’s only 23 days left till Christmas eve now (and that’s what’s important where I come from)! So start buying them presents now, because time is running OUT!


What kind of advent calendar do you have, if any? I got two, nay, three ones right now! I got one with gifts from my girlfriend (which was TOTALLY unexpected, but it made me OH SO HAPPY! :D) and then yesterday I got one with Kinder chocolate from my mom, and today, as the first gift of the calendar from my girlfriend, was another calendar! Which is with short clips of her talking every day till Christmas eve! I’m VERY happy for my calendars! 😀


Christmas usually means some changes in my blogs, and this year shall be no exception! I will remove my wallpaper of the moment (which is…let me check…a picture I took of a sign of Joe Strummer‘s subway or something. Really cool picture and thing of existence!) and replace it with something more Christmassy.


I’ve started making electronic Christmas cards, and I think this might be a good tradition to start, but the idea is far from all mine. Far from being mine at all, really. BUT ANYWAYS, it’s something we could all do, because EVERYONE CAN get a hold of a picture manipulation program. If you don’t have Photoshop or anything other fancy, and want something that’s free, try GIMP then! That’s what I’m using when I’m on Linux (which I almost always am)!




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