Something must break

Don’t Forget What The Good Book Said

Title: Neil YoungSouthern Man


I like Neil Young’s music, but I tend to forget it. I’m listening through “After The Gold Rush” now. Is it “Gold Rush” or “Goldrush”? It seems like it depends on the source, but I’ve always been writing it in two words. Think that’s the right way as well. He’s a good guitarist. Not the best singer, but still, it’s pleasant listening to him. And it’s a good album, though it’s probably the album I’ve listened the least to that I’ve got of him.


Well, anyways, I’m so bad at posting lately, I thought I’d post some more. The post I made earlier today was made and sent with my cell phone, so how’d you think that turned out? Haven’t really checked it out myself yet, but yeah, I think throwing in a picture was a smart thing to do. Gotta check it now then, so I can comment to you…*checking*…Yeah, that turned really nice. The picture seems high quality as well. That’s good. Took it a couple of weeks ago, not long before the snow came, I believe.


I got a letter today, that told me the results of my x-ray scan. It turns out there’s SOMETHING wrong. That wasn’t a big shocker, but still a bit…weird to see written to you. It might be causing my migraine’s, headache’s, some of my breathing problems and also, might actually be a bit of a root to my depressions. It’s weird how many things the back can affect.


I think I easily have a bit of mood swings lately. Maybe that’s normal, but I just realized while typing now, that I might be a bit easy to affect (both ways, luckily). Now I’m happy. The reason is probably that I’m home alone, and I just got an e-mail, telling me how to make them settings for my TASCAM DP-008 be able to record my guitar’s chords (because it was just distorted before), and because I then have Neil Young on my speakers instead of listening to him through a headset. It’s cool having an iPod with a dock with cool and good speakers. I’m probably gonna start reading for my exam on Monday and Tuesday now. I’ve been pushing it forwards for too long time. It’s only English texts, that’ll probably be quite nice to read, so I shouldn’t, but hey, that’s how I am!


Photo taken by me


QUESTION: What’s your relationship to Neil Young? Do you like his music and persona, or not?


One response

  1. emma

    jeg vet ikke hva jeg skal skrive og jeg har ikke noe forhold til neil young. men han henger på veggen til faren til martine og ser ut som en huleboer 🙂

    25/11/2010 at 21:46

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