Something must break

When You Call My Name

Title: The Rolling Stones – Bitch


I miss you too much lately. Still, I feel like you’ve changed, so I have to learn to know you again. I miss it when you call my name and I felt like you looked up to me as if I was some kind of superhero, while I thought to myself that you are the most perfect girl I can think of and how lucky I am. To quote The Beatles: “You don’t look different, but you have changed”. We all change. Still, we don’t change. People change a bit, but not totally. You’re still the girl I knew, and you’re still the girl I fell and keeps falling in love with. I love you with all of my heart. I need you. I miss spending all my spare time with you. I think I’m a bit depressed from all the missing you. I want you.


Though, you have to be free. I get that you have to change, because I’m not the only person in your world and you’ve understood some things I haven’t really figured before this weekend. Mainly, what you’ve gotten that I haven’t before now, is that it’s not so that you have to let go of everything of your current life when you get engaged or move together with someone. You can still visit your family. You can still talk to them. In my mind, I’ve been set to let go of everything once it was just you and me. But there is no “just you and me”, is there? We can’t just die away from everything, in a social suicide metaphorical way. I don’t have to stop talking and meeting and hanging out with all of my friends. If I’d gotten this a couple of years ago, I’d have so many more friends now.


Since I haven’t figured this before now, I’ve kinda been preparing to let go of everything and everyone.


Photo made by me some time ago using GIMP


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