Something must break

It’s Okay To Fish, Cus It Don’t Have Any Feeling

Title: Nirvana – Something In The Way


I usually never listens to this song. It’s not because I dislike it or anything, but because it’s made into a 25 minute long song on the Nevermind-album. I’m listening to the MTV Unplugged version now, which is a really great version! But then again, the whole MTV Unplugged album is an essentiality in everyone’s collections. It’s got some great cover versions of Meat Puppets‘ songs as well. I like that.


This day hasn’t been very remarkable. I got my chemistry test back, which told me I almost failed, but I think the grade means I passed with great doubt. I feel like a lot of people see me as a failure here in life. In my last course of today, I had a test, where I wrote from I got the test till the course was over, which means I wrote five FULL pages. I normally don’t do that, so I’m hoping it turned out well.


What’s your favorite live album?


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