Something must break

Say The Word And Be Like Me

Title: The BeatlesThe Word


I love the album the song of the title is taken from. “Rubber Soul” is in a way an album I feel like is forgotten (by both me and others), but it’s still one of the best albums The Beatles EVER made! It’s the first SUPER album they made according to me, and it’s got some of the best song material in the world! EVER!


Well, other than that, I’ve been pretty occupied lately, and therefore haven’t been blogging. If I didn’t let you know, my dear girlfriend came to me on Saturday, and stayed till Sunday evening. That was very nice, and I enjoyed her visit VERY much. I’m too much in love with her now, and I feel like I keep just thinking that she’ll appear from nowhere and hug or kiss me now. But sadly, she won’t.


During her stay, we went to a flea market, where I got me a typewriter. It’s probably from somewhere around the 1900’s till the 1930’s. I’ll post you an image of it!

Private photo


What do you think of my “new” typewriter then?


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