Something must break

Get ‘Em On, Move ‘Em Up, Rawhide

Title: Blues Brothers – Theme From Rawhide


Well, I’ve been working a lot on WordPress today, so I thought I should post a bit as well. If you can’t see what’s new here, it’s the fact of that I’ve updated the page Ubuntu A LOT! I’ll also try to make my updates into different pages that have “Ubuntu” as it’s parenting page. That looks good AND works better and easier. This way, you can fast find your way to whatever article it was you were looking for!


I started with WordPress now because I had nothing to do and I was a bit bored and love sick (in the way of missing my darling so EXTREMELY much I didn’t know what to do!) so I decided I should do something useful of me. This might not be what everyone thinks of as useful, but it’s smart to write down a few tricks and tips you might know of, especially since I’m going to try out something later today or soon at least that might make me have to reinstall my entire operating system. The problem with not being able to run DVD’s or CD’s is just something I can’t tolerate, because those are some of my favorite uses of the computer.


I might write some more later on, but now I gotta catch me some lunch. I’ll try to make it better on the front page and the design itself as well, and hope it’ll be something that you’ll all enjoy!

(And the title came from me having that song stuck to my brain now. It’s cool though!)


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