Something must break

We Sing Hallelujah

Title: Richard & Linda Thompson – We Sing Hallelujah


I love and am SO MUCH in love with my girlfriend right now, that I thought I should write it down somewhere! It’s good to write when you’re overly positive as well, you know! She’s just SO perfect for me, that it’s almost a bit creepy, because it’s like someone thought “Hm, we should make someone custom made for that guy” and did, and that became my super duper perfect girlfriend! Everything is just SUCH a great match!


This weekend she’s coming to sleep over at my place, which I’m looking VERY much forwards to! It’ll be nice to be sleeping with her in my arms, being able to be with her at all time and see her at all time and feel that all is well in this world. It suits me to know she’s coming to spend the night here as well. It’ll be a mighty fine weekend!


Well, what might’ve been the trigger for me being so happily in love tonight, just might have been that I liked a facebook-status of my girlfriend’s, saying that “if you like this status, I’ll write something I like about you on your wall”. She sent me 7 (SEVEN!!) wall posts and still hadn’t said all she really wanted to say! We’ve been together for 21 months and 17 days, and she can STILL make 7 wall posts full about what she likes about me! I’m on a cloud of joy now, and I’m just so IN LOVE!


Photo taken by me


I love you, my darling! ❤


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