Something must break

She’s Under My Thumb

Title: The Rolling StonesUnder My Thumb


That’s one awesome song, isn’t it? I had to take a long time before I really got into it though, but now I REALLY like it. I think I’d go as far as to say I love it, actually. The Rolling Stones has been a band I’ve tried NOT to like so much, but since August, I’ve been letting me listen to it almost as much as I’d like to. This has made them my 6th most listened to bands ever, according to That’s quite cool.


Well, been some time since my last post now, without me remember what that was and when it was, but I’m guessing it was Friday. Since Friday, I’ve had a PERFECT weekend with my beautiful girlfriend (which I’m CRAZY in love with now, and I don’t really know what to do when I’m not talking with her now, because I just miss her SO much and it’s like I’ve fallen in love with her for the first time again). She’s really super, and we’re just having SO much fun together. We can just lie around if we want to, or we can run around or just…whatever, you know? That’s one of the things that’s just SO GREAT about my girlfriend and our relationship! We don’t HAVE to do something when we’re together and we don’t HAVE to talk either, because we’re a couple that can do NOTHING together and still have a TERRIFIC time!


I got some news today, though, which’ll certainly make me happy for the upcoming weekend. My girlfriend (which I barely mentioned earlier…or maybe not “barely”…okay, I wrote a lot about her then!) is coming to me on Saturday and she’ll spend the night with me and be here for a long time on Sunday as well. I love having her over for sleep-overs. I sleep so much better with her by my side. It calms me down and it’s really cozy. Also, we can cuddle at ANY time! I like that. Another great thing is that if one of us have a nightmare, you can just wake the other one up and get some comfort. I love my girlfriend!!!!!!!!


Let’s have a picture:

Photo taken by me, of me and my girlfriend kissing right before parting on Sunday


What are your weekend plans, and what did you do this weekend?


One response

  1. Åshild

    Cute picture. You are a cute couple!

    Friday, I went to see Fritt Vilt 3 at the movies with Thomas, and then we went home and he stayed with me until Saturday 🙂

    27/10/2010 at 08:44

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