Something must break

Thundering Rhythm, Pounding Within Me

Title: Depeche Mode – Macro


I don’t like this week’s school schedule. I have one test for each day, except for today, which I got one test back, and it had an E on it (or for my Norwegian readers, it was a 2). But I didn’t know about it until I was given it, so not THAT weird that it didn’t go too well.


I decided to take the bus home today, because I can’t walk home EVERY day! That would be silly. And we’re not silly, are we now? I’m certainly NEVER silly. Not a bit silly. Silly silly silly. Silly’s a silly word. Just like cool’s a cool word.


Well, this ain’t productive. Let’s ask you a question!:

When the time comes, do you want me to make you a Christmas Countdown Calendar?


One response

  1. Åshild

    If a Christmas Countdown Calendar is a calendar that counts down the days until Christmas, I already have one 🙂

    21/10/2010 at 07:09

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