Something must break

Turn To Page 43 And You Know How I Feel

Title: HIM – Shatter Me With Hope (NO IDEA what the title really means, but cool)


I’m thinking of starting another blog with my WordPress-user. If I could post posts on my pages, I’d rather do that, but that doesn’t seem to work yet, so therefore I’m considering this. The site would mainly be for music reviews by me and music news that I come across with personal notes and such. Let me know what you think of the idea.


I wanna start accomplishing something…great and be helpful when I’m “only hanging around” on the computer. But I don’t know quite what yet. Still working on that part.


One response

  1. It? s the first time I have heard that in Macedonia, obits are an unusual observe. You have wonderfully written the post. I have liked your way of writing this. Thanks for sharing this.

    22/10/2010 at 02:11

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