Something must break

Mobiles Are For Using

I’m not gonna be attached to the idea of HAVING to have a song title to post with anymore…unless it fits or I’m usual blogging. But it will be a rule of thumb. I’ll have to start posting more with my mobile phone, I’ve found out. All in all, really, posting more, because the more I post, the more you can read, right? And then you guys (not sexist, I just say “guys” all the time, so when I do, I mean you girls as well, but to set it straight:) and girls that like what I write or reading about my life or how I write or just come here for the pretty design or whatever your reason for visiting my WordPress is, will have more reason to visit here, because I will have done more within the last time you’ve visited. I like posting a lot, it’s just that I can’t always do so, but I’ll try to get better at it. Though, this may just last tonight, I’ll try to keep it up for a long time.


To end this post, let’s have a picture:

Picture taken by me


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