Something must break

Have Mercy Upon Me

Title: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Mercy


I have got to just post SOMETHING now. I feel like the pressure is too high for my next post, though I really doubt I have a lot of readers I don’t personally know, but there’s still this feeling of having a pressure on me to write a GOOD post when I’ve been gone for so long.


I actually started on the “good post” with my cell phone a couple of days ago. But when I tried to get me to continue on it here, it just became something frightening and…I just didn’t wanna do that.


So, this isn’t as scary as I was picturing, so I’ll let you briefly know why I haven’t been on for a long time. I’ve had something we have where I live, which is autumn break. And before you guys go ahead and say that’s unfair, then let me tell you that your vacations are ALL MUCH longer than ours! So we’ve been at school for two months soon already and our Christmas break starts two or three days before Christmas eve and ends a couple of days after New Years Eve!


During my autumn break, my lovely girlfriend stayed at/with me, which means we’ve been together more during that vacation than we’ve ever been together before. It was VERY nice. When she had to leave at the end, there was an incredible amount of tears. I miss her a lot. I think things are easier when she’s here, than they are through texting with our mobile phones or IMing online. It’s just hard to be in a long distance relationship.


This is making me a bit sad to think about, because I miss her and there’ll be a long time till we’ll meet again (two weeks that is), so let’s talk about…oh, I don’t know.


Photo by me



Which Bob Dylan-era do you like the most?


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