Something must break

When Your Prized Possessions Start To Weigh You Down

Title: The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing

I’ve found my (temporary) meaning of life. My meaning of life, is to achieve happiness. I like the Norwegian word for it better. To be “lykkelig” is the meaning of life. I think you can’t really achieve it with too much money though, but not with too few possessions either. I think there’s a balance to keep. I can feel that I in a way resent money lately. Not the few bucks here and few bucks there, but I caught myself thinking I wouldn’t want like a million bucks if someone had given it to me now, because I know it would make me less happy. I don’t strive to become a billionaire now, I strive to be happy and do what I want with my life and in my life.

I say “(temporary)”, because I might get a deeper meaning to it later on, but that I do not know now. Things always change. Whether you like it or not. Most of us dislike it. But change isn’t always for the worse. Change can be for the better. You just gotta be open to it, though I think everyone knows it’s hard to be at all time for all changes. I’m having a hard time accepting changes myself. I don’t really want to change and I don’t like it when things change.

I know these are all thoughts that have probably been told before, but I realize it now. I don’t want people lecturing me of my own thoughts though, because I know what I think and feel about things. I just want people to hear what I think about life and what’s the purpose. These are probably all thoughts that belong to my new found religion as well (Buddhism), but it’s always better to put your own words to it.

So whether you’re happy milking sheep or mountain hiking on a Wall Mart, do it, because you need to be happy! Just make sure you don’t spoil it for everyone else, because we live in a society where you have to take care of other people and not go ahead and kill away, because that only leads to people want revenge, and revenge is a growing feeling that never really ends. And don’t steal other people’s stuff or be mean to them in any way. Be kind, and you will live a good life.

42, the “Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything” according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Question: What is your meaning of life?


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  1. “Follow your happiness,wherever it may lead”.Great blog with a wonderful message..Thanks for posting!!

    15/09/2010 at 22:56

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