Something must break

I Ain’t Got NOTHING But Love For You Now

Title: Ryan Adams – Sweet Illusions

(Note: It’s RYAN, not BRYAN. They are COMPLETELY different singers, and Ryan’s the best one)

I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to post a “Most Special Tweets Of The Week” today, because I haven’t really checked twitter since Wednesday because of sickness and busyness. If I can’t, I’m sorry. If I do manage somehow to get it done, then you guys are lucky (lol).

I feel like the song that gave this post a title is the one song that suits me best this weekend. Perhaps also “Smile” by Nat King Cole, but mostly Ryan Adam’s “Sweet Illusions”. You should get an album by both of the artists though (a compilation is good enough for Nat King Cole, since he’s from the era where studio albums weren’t much made. It was mostly singles and compilations. I have only got “The World Of Nat King Cole”, but it’s a great album. Though, it does lack of his VERY nice Christmas song, it’s still worth getting. I think that with Nat, you just gotta find an album that’s got a cool picture, because you won’t be as motivated to listen to an album with one of the…lamer covers.

Well, now I’ve written/talked/said so much that I’m kind of off what I was saying really. I’ve gotta find out how I can write a lot about me to you, but still not offend anybody, because I don’t want someone to say I write too much about them and get them all mad at me. That’s probably why my blog seems as selfish as it does (that and perhaps a bit selfishness).

I’m supposed to get up in 15 minutes from now. My girlfriend’s coming to visit me today, and I’m REALLY looking forward to it. We’re probably gonna go see Toy Story 3D today. It might not be a “grown-up movie”, but it’s still cool.

I’m gonna try to make it so that my blog updates between this one and the other one I’m supposed to use a lot automatically. What I really want it to do, is to make sure that whenever I post a post to WordPress, it will automatically have been posted to my Blogger (Blogpost) blog as well. That way, you can choose which one you wanna read, and get the same content (+ I’m starting to feel guilty about just letting my blogger blog lay around and dust down, because I like it).

Well, I best get going now. I’ll leave you with a question, and a picture,  then.

Photo of me, by my girlfriend (it’s approximately one and a half years old).

Question: How much can I blog about YOU?


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