Something must break

Yeah, I’m Bone Broke

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Title: The White Stripes – Bone Broke

The title was selected because it’s true about me lately, and it’s a VERY good song by The White Stripes. I like Jack White‘s musical sense and his persona. He’s also one of my favorite guitarists of all time, so I should probably explore more of his music, not JUST The White Stripes. Some of it seems pretty darn interesting as well to me. (And he’s got a wicked awesome guitar.)

But my main reason for posting now, is probably because I felt like my WordPress was dying, and I will NOT let that happen! I like using WordPress and everything about it, so yeah, I’ll keep posting for a LONG time! There’s just something about what WordPress feels like and everything that makes me WANT it to be one of my favorite places to “hang” on the internet.

I don’t really know what I’m doing lately, so I can’t say what I’ve been doing since last, because I can’t recall anything from before I just ordered Doctor Zhivago for free on DVD (yes, it’s safe, I’ve earned “points” to buy it from by visiting ads and many things like that and have used it for ordering before). I’m trying to change which subjects I’ve got on school lately though, because I don’t want math no more in my life.

I’m gonna be more selective about the links in my posts, by the way, because there’s just no good reason for me to now have like a link for you to visit what a DVD is on Wikipedia, just because I wrote it down. Key words might have it, because I feel you should check out Jack White on Wikipedia, and I think you should check out WordPress as a website and Doctor Zhivago on IMDb. And of course, you should visit Wikipedia.

Well, I guess I’m finishing up now. It would be great if you’d check out my “pages” (WAY up there!) and comment what you think about them. I’d like them to be so that I could post new posts in them, but that doesn’t seem possible. I’ll look into it.


What do you think of Jack White or The White Stripes?


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