Something must break

I Want You So Bad, Honey, I Want You

Title: Bob DylanI Want You

I’m listening to some Dylan now. It’s been a lot of months since last time, but it’s good to be back at being able to listen to him (something I can’t with Frank Zappa in a year or two of reasons) again. “Ballad Of A Thin Man” is still a song I can’t REALLY figure out, “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again” is still a favorite and “Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat” is a great bluesy song. To think of all these songs being made in ’65/’66 is hard to picture when you listen to the others that were making music back then. Dylan has become a great name for a reason (but it’s not his voice or harmonica playing, to be quite honest with you, though they suit HIS music).

And people, I LOVE the new feature on WordPress. It’s the reason why there’s like a thousand links on every post I make lately, because it’s so easy that it’s just one press of a button. Zemanta is the name of the feature (I think…). It really is cool.

Other than Dylan, I’ve been in a sort of Paul McCartney-mood as well today, which I rarely is, because…well, I just ain’t it that often. But EVERYONE should hear “Here Today” by Paul McCartney from the 1982 album called “Tug Of War” (a great album all together, really, which I’m lucky enough to have on vinyl). It’s the song dedicated to John Lennon after his death and really made because of Paul’s grief to the death of his dear friend John.

Photo by me, of me


Have you heard “Here Today”? And either way if you’ve heard it before or just listened to it NOW (it’s like two minutes long), what did you think of it? (Press the name “Here Today” above to get to the song on YouTube. Great quality of the sound there as well!)


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