Something must break

Well I’m Not The World’s Most Physical Guy

Title: The KinksLola

I’m really not. But I did actually participate in my gymnastics at school today! Which has been quite some time since I did what others do. I’m a sneaky little bastard that can sneak my way from ANYTHING I want at school, but I nearly don’t do it anymore since primary school.

Now, today’s been quite a nice day, actually. Though I showed up at school about 100 minutes before I was supposed to (due to someone having set me up for TWO classes of chemistry on these kinds of weeks, but not on the other ones). Gymnastics was better than suspected, and the new teacher seems like a really great guy for this subject. Might be my best gymnastics teacher ever (but it’s hard to beat the one I had in tenth grade).

I completely stopped with this post now, so I’m probably gonna get back with something that has NOTHING to do with the previous things I wrote. As you MAY have noticed (but most likely not, because it’s not a big deal), I’ve categorized all my previous posts. Instead of being in the “Uncategorized” category, they’re now in “Usual Blogging”, unless it’s something special, where I only have one category yet, but I do recommend people to follow that one, because I think I’m on to something that’ll be pretty cool. I’ve already started on next week’s list.

But I need some pictures and I need some questions and something for you people, because this isn’t a very interesting post yet.

Photo by me, taken with my Sony Ericsson W995, of my computer being cooled down by a USB-fan


Do you want me to try to post one picture on each post?


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  1. :)

    i think you should!

    23/08/2010 at 20:14

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