Something must break

It’s Hard To Find One Rich Man In Ten With A Satisfied Mind

Title: Johnny Cash – A Satisfied Mind (not the original artist, but it’s a good cover)

I think I’m very…satisfied right now. I feel like things are coming together nicely, despite it perhaps not going that way. Maybe it’s just the morning, and how I feel things right now is what does it, but that’s not what I’ll blog about right now.

Today, my girlfriend is coming to visit me. I’m REALLY looking forward to it! It’ll be really great to see her again (though it’s "only" been 2 days since the last time). When you’re in a long distance relationship (or your current relationship was a long distance one), you just can’t really meet your girlfriend enough.

My summer break is ending in three days (as in I’ve got school on Wednesday). It’s gone past me WAY too fast, and I didn’t do all the things I were supposed to do. But when does one really do all the things you’re supposed to do through the summer break? I don’t think I’ve done that a single time. We set too high goals for ourselves.

I’m not really great in math. Actually, when I don’t think a lot about math, I do VERY many mistakes. Today, I thought 4.99 + 4.99 + 7.99 + 3.99 would be just under 20. Of course, if it were 7 + 3, and not the .99’s, I’d be correct, but it wasn’t so, so I’m gonna have to think things more through.

Yesterday, I was at my local instrument shop. I nearly bought a Tascam DP-004, but I went there mainly because I wanted a whammy bar for my guitar. The reason I didn’t buy it, was because I apperently doesn’t have enough money. Good thing the machine didn’t work then, because otherwise, I REALLY would be broke! Anyways, an old and dear friend of mine has offered me to send me his Tascam DP-01 FX Portastudio, so I think that’ll have to do for my sake. Whatever happened to the product I once ordered there, I don’t know.

But now I’m gonna have to leave you, because I’ll have to get ready to pick up my girlfriend, but I’ll leave you with some questions for you to answer:
1. What’s been your plans for this summer?
2. Where would you most of all like to go?
3. When do you start school?


One response

  1. Emma

    1. Vært på Lefkas, i London, i Barcelona, på Kongsvinger og med deg og venner 🙂
    2. Hm.. Likte alt, jeg!
    3. På mandag 🙂

    18/08/2010 at 18:20

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