Something must break

Mercy Mercy

Title: The Rolling Stones – Mercy, Mercy

Music was better way back before. Of course, I’m not supposed to say that, being an artist trying to become something great, but it really was. Though it may’ve been simpler than today’s music, it still was more advanced. It’s not ALL about HOW you play a song, but HOW you play a song. “Did he throw monkey shit at his guitar while recording that riff? THAT’S what makes THAT sound?!”

I don’t know why I put “Mercy Mercy” as this title. It’s just the opening song of one of the Rolling Stones’ albums that was waiting for me at home when I got back today. Of course, the album I’m referring to is “Out Of Our Heads”, the US edition. The other Rolling Stones’ album waiting for me was “December’s Children (And Everybody’s)”. It’s just one of those albums I’m obsessed with, without EVER having heard it! Now, you may wonder “why do you want the American releases when you don’t live in America, and The Rolling Stones ain’t from America?”, and there’s a quite simple answer to that. Unlike The Beatles, the American releases is REALLY great! I’m not saying American-Beatles is shite, just that I prefer their official British releases, while with The Stones, I like them American. There’s so much more I think I’m gaining from it, and what I don’t get, I’m gonna get in British editions. After all, I’m only interested in The Stones pre-Goat’s Head Soup (that means I’m NOT interested in G.H.S.!).

I’m not sure what I should do with tomorrow. There’s TOO MANY things I wanna fix. I think a lot of the day’s gonna go to watch movies, try to get WordPress straight and listen to some of my new albums and read them magazines I bought today in Sweden. I bought four magazines, actually. Not usual of me to do, but there was four magazines I could NOT leave, so I’m happy about it.

I’m starting to get a bit pissed that I’m not getting any answers from Google about Google AdSense, since I wanna make some money when I’m blogging here and there, and they aren’t opening my account…or at least haven’t told me they’ve done so…*checking*…Nope, still blocked, and been so for two months. I ain’t diggin’ it.


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